Searching for a way to elevate your brand awareness and reputation, secure partnerships, and engage during big events? Use Thnks to build a powerful brand image around gratitude and stay front of mind with your targets.

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Some Ways to Say Thnks

Webinars and Events

Hosting a webinar or an in-person event? Taking a moment to show your attendees that you value their time and attendance is important in creating a sense of goodwill towards your company, and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of your attendees. For a single day event, send a delicious Snack Box they can enjoy at home or bring with them to the event! For multi-day events, Thnks can be sent in a series over multiple days to engage with attendees of your business conference or other event. Choose customized items to fit each day you have planned - maybe Coffee for the Week on day 1, a Night Off from Cooking on day 2, and yummy Cupcakes on day 3!

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Send Series

If you’re working with partners, sponsors, or influencers for a marketing project, it's always a great idea to show them some gratitude. This is an effective way to say thanks for their work and show your interest in a partnership in the future. Try sending a gesture like a  Classic Cookie Box to sweeten up their day!


If your company is working to build a positive brand image, it is important to incorporate gratitude and appreciation as two of the brand’s core values. Gratitude and appreciation help create a positive brand image in the mind of clients, prospects, and employees, which lead to an overall healthy brand image. 

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Marketing Events Best Practices

Looking for more ways that you can use Thnks every day? We've put together a Best Practices guide to help you out! Click the button below to view the whole guide and read some of our favorite tips!


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Catherine Geewax
Sigma Computing

I honestly love Thnks and am already thinking about what I will send when deals close later this month... it makes it exciting and adds a creative element. Super cool what you are all doing.

Aly Kline Mcgue
Adroll Group

Thnks has been an invaluable addition to our tech stack. Not only do our clients and prospects love it, but we can quantify the true impact that gratitude is having on our business.

Dominique de Stefano
Sigma Computing

When I use Thnks, I can get a program up and running in a day. I just need my list of contacts, my message, and it’s out the door. I can see in real time if people are redeeming gestures or responding. It’s all automated, which is amazing.

Kristie Meloney

Thnks is a tool I love as a human. It helps me show that I listen to my customers and prospects and it builds my relationships. My company's core values align perfectly with the mission of Thnks, so it's an easy tool to incorporate.

Start Saying Thnks