Customer Engagement

Want to build a stronger connection with your customers and turn them into company advocates who evangelize your brand? Use Thnks to foster stronger relationships with your clients, build brand loyalty, and make your customers feel personally cared about by expressing gratitude.

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Some Ways to Say Thnks

Team Training

Leading a virtual user training for a customer? Wow them with a Power Lunch for the Team sent earlier in the day so that they can order in at the office and turn your presentation into a lunch and learn experience! This places a connection between your thoughtfulness and the product, and helps develop customer loyalty

Team Training A Power Lunch for The Team
Apology Eggstra Sorry Sandwich

We all make mistakes, but it’s what you do after that matters for your customers and shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your client relationships remain strong. It's often a good idea to resolve the tricky situation with a little humor and breakfast on you by sending an ‘Eggstra’ Sorry Sandwich.


Whether it’s related to business or something exciting in your client’s personal life, Thnks has so many options for saying “Congrats!”. Taking a moment to celebrate wins or big occasions demonstrates your thoughtfulness and helps forge stronger connections with clients. Some of our most popular options to say congratulations are Cocktail Kits with all the ingredients to make your client’s favorite drink!

Congratulations Cocktail Kit

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Once the deal is closed, the work of developing the relationships is only just beginning. It is important to have a clear customer retention strategy that is focused on relationship building in order to continue growing and expanding your business relationships. A great time to show that you continue to value their business is sending a Bottle of Champagne at the beginning of every new year.

Account Management Best Practices

Looking for more ways that you can use Thnks every day? We've put together a Best Practices guide to help you out! Click the button below to view the whole guide and read some of our favorite tips!

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Account Management Best Practices

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David Sroka
Point of Reference

Thnks gestures are simple and relatable human expressions. A simple Thnks can make someone’s day. It pays off to share a Thnks, even with people whom you don’t know very well.

Kelly May

Without the ability to entertain in-person, the Thnks program has been invaluable for bringing joy and showing clients, candidates, consultants, and our employees they are appreciated!

Bryan Scholz

Thnks is an outlet to start things off on the right foot. I’m able to engage with customers and new business on a personalized level through the multi-faceted platform.

Steve Wiideman
Wiideman Consulting Group

Thnks helps me build my professional network, retain employees, and acquire clients. It only takes a few clicks to send a nice gesture someone really appreciates.

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