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There are countless ways to say Thnks to help nurture your business relationships. Many times it's 'just because'. The reason doesn't have to be profound, and most of all it's the thought that counts. Whether it's a co-worker that needs a little boost or a long-term client that you're just happy to work with - saying Thnks can go a long way. Here are some brief vignettes that tell some of the stories about how Thnks can make an impact. These are the stories of growing relationships that we hear about everyday from our customers and we're so happy we can share them with you! Check them out, and then ask yourself, how would you say Thnks?

Coffee for the New Mom

Celebrating Growth

Avocado Surprise

Cheers to Success

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Want to Grow Your Business?
Use Gratitude.

Thnks CEO Brendan Kamm and pharmaceutical industry senior executive Jonathon L. Kellerman spoke at the Ascent Conference on how companies can distinguish themselves from others by showing gratitude.


How to Build a Book of Business to Carry Through Your Sales Career

What are relationship based sales? Thnks CEO and Co-Founder, Brendan Kamm, Jason Zawacki, Sales Director at Pure Storage and Jack Wilson, Sales Coach/Trainer/Mentor at Sales Rebellion are panelists for SalesHacker's webinar, “How to Build a Book of Business to Carry Through Your Sales Career."