Ever wanted to send someone a coffee from their favorite local shop or dinner at a spot you love in their hometown? Now you can support your favorite small businesses with Thnks Local!

Keep it local.

Thnks Local enables you to share gestures of appreciation with your recipients right in their own neighborhood! Everything from a latte at their favorite local coffee shop, to dinner at a local restaurant, food trucks, ice cream, and more! With Thnks Local you can support small local businesses and bring the personalization and thoughtfulness of your gratitude giving to the next level. 


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How IT Works

Tens of thousands of small businesses across the country are now accessible on Thnks, including coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks, ice cream parlors, bookstores, and more. Thnks Local can be sent in two ways:

  • Sender's Choice: Select a merchant that you know your recipient loves -or- one that you love and want to share!
  • Recipient's Choice: Let your recipient choose their own favorite local spot!
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Sender's Choice

Choose your merchant

Search for your recipient's location by typing in their city or address. Results will include all possible merchants within a 25 mile radius that fit into the category of the Thnks you chose (ex. coffee shops for 'A Coffee Break', restaurants and food trucks for 'A Night Off from Cooking', spas and salons for 'A Day of Pampering'). After selecting the perfect local merchant, enter your recipient's email or phone number, write your personalized message, and send!

Thnks Local Senders Choice
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Recipient experience

Your recipient can seamlessly redeem their local Thnks without needing to download an app or create an account. Thnks Local are redeemed just like our other digital Thnks. When the recipient hits "Accept" on a Thnks Local sent with Sender's Choice, they will receive a digital code that they can use in-store or online for redemption at the local merchant you selected. 

Recipient's Choice

show gratitude in any city 

Sending a Thnks Local with Recipient's Choice is much like sending any other Thnks. The only difference is that this type of Thnks lets the recipient decide where they want to redeem. We recommend this option if you are unfamiliar with the city they live in or just want to provide them with their choice of local merchants!

Pro Tip: Click "Preview available options" and search for their city or address to see what merchants are available in their area.

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Let them pick their favorite spot

Your recipient will be able to search for their city or address and select their favorite local merchant. Results will include all possible merchants within a 25 mile radius that fit into the category of Thnks that you sent them. Once they make their selection, they'll receive a digital code to redeem at the merchant they chose.

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