How It Works

Thnks makes it easy to send gestures of gratitude to surprise and delight your business contacts.

Send Thnks

Share an unexpected gesture of gratitude with your clients, colleagues, or prospects to make them feel appreciated. In just a matter of minutes, you can send a Thnks and be on your way to building better business relationships. Here's how it works:


Find the perfect Thnks. Browse our list of thousands of curated items to find something truly thoughtful. For the prospective client who is always busy, try sending Coffee for the Week, or an Uber Ride for your top customer on a rainy morning.


Choose who you want to send your Thnks to. Whether it's a Thnks to 1 or 100 connections, we have you covered with a simple, fast solution to show your appreciation! You can integrate your contacts with the platform, or simply enter their email address or phone number. No mailing address required!


Write a thoughtful note to make it personal and relevant. You can also create templates and save messages to reuse later, so you don't have to start from scratch each time! Remember, it's the thought that counts, and that extra few seconds to make it personalized can really set you apart.


Review what your Thnks will look like, along with your personal note, and send it! Don't worry, you'll get one last look at an itemized receipt before finalizing to make sure you're sending the perfect Thnks!


Within the Thnks app you can track when each Thnks is opened and redeemed. You won't be left wondering if they received your Thnks or not, you'll know exactly when they got it. If the Thnks is never opened, you'll get a refund!

Receive Thnks

While sending a Thnks is a rewarding experience, receiving a Thnks is pretty awesome too. Everybody likes to feel appreciated! Maybe you're here because somebody sent you a Thnks… if not, here’s what the recipient experience is like:

  • No app download required
  • Accepting Thnks is quick and easy

    Digital - With digital Thnks like coffee or a pair of movie tickets, your recipient will receive a digital code that they can use for online or in-store redemption.

    Physical - For any Thnks with physical delivery, like a bottle of wine or a box of cookies, your recipient will be prompted to enter their preferred address and their Thnks will be delivered straight to them.

  • Donate to Charity

    The recipient has the option to donate their Thnks value to charity.

Thnks for Business

Thousands of companies are leveraging Thnks across their sales, marketing, customer success, and internal teams. Thnks was built for business.

Learn more about the Enterprise+ and Enterprise plans

Here are some of the unique business features we offer:

Budget Controls

We have the ability to curate custom Thnks options and categories that will work with your budget and compliance policies.

Advanced Analytics

Receive a customized analytics dashboard to track your team’s Thnks activity in real time.

Dedicated Account Management

Your company will be assigned a dedicated account team that will partner with you throughout the entire process.

Compliance Adherence

Thnks program administrators have the ability to assign program rules, define budgets per user, and control access for their teams.

Security Certified

Thnks is ISO27001 certified, SOC 2 Type II compliant, undergone a Google Security Assessment and has been audited by third party cybersecurity firm, A-Lign.

Technology Integrations

Thnks provides technology integrations like Salesforce and Zapier to make it easier to track and automate your appreciation. We work with each company to identify the best ways to integrate.

Start Sending Gratitude