Growing New Business Opportunities with an Attitude of Gratitude

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Information Technology and Services

Company Size:

51 - 200 Employees

Joined Thnks:

May 2019

Thnks Solutions:



Photo of Dominique de Stefano

Dominique de Stefano

When I use Thnks, I can get a program up and running in a day. I just need my list of contacts, my message, and it’s out the door. I can see in real time if people are redeeming gestures or responding. It’s all automated, which is amazing.

Use Cases

Mission Teal

Boost conversion rates of outreach to book more new business sales meetings

Strategy Teal

Re-engage with stalled deals in pipeline to increase opportunities

Interaction Teal

Integrate personalized gratitude within ABM campaigns to maximize engagement

Growing Business Opportunities with an Attitude of Gratitude

After leveraging direct mail in her marketing programs, Dominique needed a solution that would help her team connect with prospects and clients while working from home. Since Sigma Computing’s sales team was already using Thnks to practice customer appreciation, Dominique decided to incorporate an attitude of gratitude in her account-based marketing campaigns.

After partnering with Thnks for prospect outreach, Dominique said their sales team has “seen more success in receiving responses with Thnks versus general outbound methods, such as cold calling and cold email outreach.” The team enjoys getting notifications and responses when recipients redeem gestures, and one of their recent Thnks programs allowed them to re-engage with 20% of their previously stalled new business opportunities.

In addition to circumventing manual steps for her direct mail programs, Thnks has helped Dominique to keep her team’s campaigns customized towards their contacts’ interests, while the platform’s analytics assist her with tracking and reviewing the gestures her team has sent.

After Partnering with Thnks:


Thnks Open Rate


Increase in New Business Deal Value



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