Showing gratitude to your business relationships has never been easier! That means more time connecting, and less time expensing.

Thnks Is Now An

SAP® Concur® Partner!

With Thnks and SAP Concur, our Enterprise+ and Enterprise clients can send personalized gestures of appreciation to their clients and partners, and effortlessly manage their expenses simultaneously.

Key Benefits

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  • Effortlessly handle e-receipts and expensing when sending personalized gestures of gratitude no matter the scale. 

  • Saves time and hassle, allowing you to focus on building stronger business relationships.

How It Works

Thnks can automatically sync your e-receipts with your SAP Concur Expense account 

Thnks also matches your e-receipts with the relevant expenses and credit card transaction details, saving you from inconvenience. 

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Connecting Your Thnks Account To SAP Concur


Step 1-1


1. Visit your Thnks profile

2. Click Connect Account besides the SAP Concur icon. 

Step 2-2


Step 3-1


3. Sign in with your SAP Concur account, or send an email for SSO. Your account will then be connected.

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