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At Thnks, our mission is to leverage technology and the science of gratitude to help establish and build strong relationships for the modern world, through efficient, personalized, and thoughtful appreciation.


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Re-imagining business relationships built on gratitude

In envisioning what Thnks would be, our founders, Larry and Brendan, asked themselves, if our client got in line behind us at a coffee shop what would we do? The answer was simple: 100 out of 100 times they would buy their coffee and something to eat. That's not a gift, no one would see that as a gift -- Thnks is not about gifts. Instead, it is about small, regular investments in relationships that build your personal brand over time with people whom you will hopefully do business with throughout your career. People choose to do business with people they like, and everybody likes to feel appreciated.

Thnks is about cutting through the ordinary with a simple but personalized message. It is about sending hot chocolate to a contact on a cold day, a ride-share to get them home during a storm, a movie night with their family, chicken soup when a meeting is canceled because of a cold, and lunch for the team just because... It is about being THOUGHTFUL.

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Are you a thoughtful and appreciative person? Is the word “thanks” always on the tip of your tongue? Do you want to help bring more gratitude into the business world? Check out our careers page by clicking the button below to see our open positions!

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