Thnks is

Thnks is

Strengthen your business relationships with relevant gestures of appreciation, sent and received instantly via email or SMS

Strengthen your business relationships with relevant gestures of appreciation, sent and received instantly via email or SMS

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How it Works


Be Thoughtful

An Uber ride for your top client on a rainy morning. A week of coffee to the prospect who is so busy they just can’t find the time to meet. Browse our curated categories to find something truly thoughtful. Or ask our gift concierge to find just the right gesture of appreciation.

Be Thoughtful


Choose your contacts

Select your recipients. Whether it’s a gift to 1 or to 100 we have you covered with a simple, fast solution to show your appreciation.

Choose your contacts


Personalize your message & send!

Your recipient can instantly accept their gift or choose to donate the value to charity if they don’t want or can’t accept their gift.

Personalize your message & send!

Want to demo sending a Thnks gift? Try it for yourself!

Strengthen your business relationships using Thnks

We all ultimately choose to do business with people we like, and it's no secret that everyone likes someone who appreciates them. The most powerful tool you have for creating success is to appreciate others. Simple considerate gestures, like saying thank you, have the power to completely change another person's perspective. It demonstrates that you value their time and respect your relationship. The art of appreciation is the ultimate game changer.



Reach out to the prospect who went ‘radio silent’. Cut through their cluttered inbox with a relevant gift and message.

Stand Out

Stand Out

Choose a relevant gift from our curated categories and personalize the message to stand out to your customers.

Say Thnks

Say Thnks

Show appreciation to your customers at every stage of the deal cycle and build a stronger business relationship.

Ready to brighten someone’s day?

Say Thnks to anyone within seconds. You only need their mobile number, email address or Twitter handle. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Coffee for the Week– To stay top of mind and help your client through a busy work week.

Drinkeasy Small Batch Liquor– To wish your colleague a happy birthday or help them celebrate an important milestone.

Thnks A Latte – To let them know you are thinking of them every day, not just when you need their business.

A Flight Upgrade – To make their upcoming trip just a little nicer.

Movie Tickets – To give an extra thank you and help them unwind over the weekend.

Our Happy Customers

Join our satisfied customers using Thnks.

I will certainly be a repeat user too. Smart + simple service you provide. Love the idea. Good Luck!

Jon K.

I’m sure you get these all the time, but thought I’d pass along this reply I just got from Lyft after sending an $8 coffee. ‘I appreciate you so much!!! Thank you. That made my morning. It’s been a long week and the thoughtful gesture really helps.’

Brian F.

I’ve found using the app to send gifts to prospects that I’ve built a relationship later in the sales cycle has been beneficial so I’m rolling with that for now and enjoying all of the updates you guys are pushing to the app!

Ally C.

I used it as a follow up to a cold meeting in person. I asked them to broker an intro to the right person within the company and followed up with a coffee the next day. 4 hours later we got a great intro. To me that is a win and a great use of the Thnks platform.

Peter L.

I completely forgot it was my biggest client’s birthday. I quickly sent them a Thnks’ Penrose Hill Red Wine Bundle. They absolutely loved it and even called to thank me for the unexpected gesture. Thnks has saved me again!

Melissa H.


New York, NY

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