Maximize the holiday season's potential for business growth with Thnks. Our platform empowers you to build lasting business relationships, and drive a higher ROI.

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Saying Thnks This Holiday Season

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but they are also the busiest! Thnks can make sure everyone on your list feels appreciated, while helping you save time. Here are some tips to help you make the most of our platform for holiday gratitude.

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Thnks Holiday Features


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Thnks Select

We are excited to introduce Thnks Select as our latest update to the platform for the holidays! Now you can give your recipient their choice of Thnks and guarantee they are getting exactly what they want, from different variations of the same item, to multiple options of completely different Thnks.

Step 1: Don't Know their preferences? Send Options! 

Step 2: Your recipient will pick the option best for them

Step 3: Recipients get exactly what they want. Perfect for the holidays!

Custom Bulk Thnks

Thnks has your holiday needs covered with bulk sending so you can show gratitude to everyone on your list, all at once! All you need is their email addresses, and you're able to add personal messages too! Need some bulk sending ideas?

Send us your list and we'll do the rest! Fill out the Bulk Order Form and submit it on the Bulk Sending tab on your desktop or email it directly to our client solutions team ( to set up your bulk holiday Thnks send. This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise accounts. Request a demo to learn more!

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Schedule Thnks For Later

Already know what you want to send someone, but want it to arrive in their inbox closer to the holidays? You can schedule any Thnks to be sent at a later date or time!

Choose your Thnks, select your recipient, write your message, and then choose “Schedule for later” on the Confirmation page. Pick the perfect date and time for your Thnks to be sent, and then click “Schedule”! 

Learn more about scheduling Thnks by reading this help article.

holiday schedule for later


With Thnks and SAP Concur, you can effortlessly handle e-receipts and expensing when sending personalized gestures of gratitude no matter the scale. This saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on building stronger business relationships during the holiday season.


Team users on Thnks have the ability to connect to their Salesforce account. Thnks has the capability to enable automated sending based on pre-defined triggers within Salesforce. Any activity within your Thnks account can also be tracked within Salesforce as well in order to report on the ROI of your holiday sends.  

New Year Ideas

Ring in the new year with gratitude! Stay top of mind with your contacts at the the start of the year by sending them a celebratory Thnks.
cheers to new year

A Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to a great year of working with your connections!

A Cup of ProsperiTEA

A Cup of ProsperiTEA

Wish your connection prosperiTEA in the upcoming year!

A Hangover Helpers Package

Hangover Helpers Package

Treat them to a hearty breakfast to help them recover from their NYE festivities.

Say Thnks This Holiday Season

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