3 Meaningful Ways to Express Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holiday season isn’t just a time for festive decorations and gift-giving; it's also an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to the people who have made a difference in your life. In the spirit of the season, here are three meaningful ways to express gratitude during the holidays. 

Personalized Thank You Notes:    

One of the most heartfelt ways to express gratitude is through a personalized thank you note. Whether it's your colleagues, clients, or prospects, taking the time to craft a thoughtful message is a meaningful and convenient way to express your appreciation. In a digital world, a handwritten note is increasingly rare and special, so if at all possible opt for that, but a virtual send is fine too. Be sure that no matter how you thank them, your message is meaningful and personalized.

Gestures of Gratitude: 

During the holidays, gift-giving is a common way to show gratitude. But Thnks isn’t about gifts, we’re about gratitude. We just simplify the process of sending a gesture of appreciation, which can be anything from a cup of coffee on a busy morning to a plane ride home for the holidays. 
We also just launched Thnks Select, where you can let the recipient choose their preferences. This flexibility ensures your gesture is both meaningful and practical, and sure to suit every taste.    

Donations to Charities and Causes:   

The holiday season is also a time for giving back to the community (see our Giving Tuesday best practices). Thnks enables you to express gratitude by making a donation to a charity or cause in someone's name. This is a meaningful way to show your appreciation while making a positive impact on the world. Thnks offers a selection of pre-vetted charitable organizations, making it easy to support causes that align with your recipient's values.    

Like William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” It’s so important to make sure your business relationships feel appreciated, especially during this frenzied time of year. Whether it's through personalized thank you notes, gestures of appreciation, or charitable donations, or other means, be sure to show your gratitude this holiday season.   

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