Rethinking the Holiday Gift Basket

We’ve all seen it, the holiday season arrives and a large basket of random food or swag items are sent to the office and usually thrown into a common area for everyone to grab. Often, the team has zero clue who it is from and it has missed the mark on building a personal relationship, like it was intended. Now, with the many companies working hybrid or remotely this holiday season, the holiday gift basket is even harder to send and hit that touchpoint for that client or colleague. You either don’t know where to send it, or you may have to uncomfortably ask for someone’s home address. Sending holiday gifts lately has been an extra headache for the sender. It’s time to rethink the way we do business and show gratitude this holiday season and Thnks is here to help. 

Sending more personalized gestures of gratitude can be less overwhelming than it sounds. Check out the Thnks Holiday Guide for ideas on scheduling Thnks to be sent ahead of time either individually or in bulk. Thnks are digital (so you don’t have to track down that home address), personalized and simple to send. You don’t need to know everything about a person in order to send them something that will make them feel truly appreciated. Thnks’ holiday offerings are sure to stand out to clients and colleagues.

It is important to remind everyone that it really is “the thought that counts.” Even the simplest gestures can really show a recipient how much you care. Taking just one moment to consider what might make someone feel appreciated can foster a long-lasting relationship, especially in a work environment where that kind of thought and care might not be the norm. 

For the coffee lover in your life, check out the Holiday Fuel Category. Holiday coffee and cocoa is a fun spin on the classic coffee meeting that will really show how much you care. For the movie buffs out there, a holiday movie marathon can be the perfect token of gratitude. It’s the small but thoughtful gestures like these that will make your personalized Thnks truly stand out. For those who still love that holiday gift basket, Thnks can help with that too, allowing the recipient to put in whatever address works best for them when they redeem.

Lastly, in true Thnks style, all of these holiday items will be accompanied by a personalized note from you to your recipient. A thoughtful note goes a long way to show just how much time and effort you put into thinking of others this holiday season, and that kind of appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed. 


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