Employee Appreciation

Want to show appreciation to your team, ensure employee retention, and attract talented new employees? Use Thnks to build a culture of gratitude and save time on employee recognition and recruiting.

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Employee Appreciation Success Stories

Some Ways to Say Thnks

There are limitless ways to say Thnks for Employee Appreciation. Here are a few ideas!

Your team works hard and deserves some relaxation. Show them you appreciate all of their efforts with a Movie Night at Home to say thank you.

Employee Recognition Movie Night at Home
Employee Milestones Shopping Spree

Celebrate your employees’ milestones to make them feel appreciated. Big events like birthdays and work anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to send them a Shopping Spree at their favorite store.


Recruiting quality candidates to your company can be a difficult task - do something to stand out! Impress your candidates by sending them Coffee and a Bagel before their first interview.

Recruiting Coffee and a Bagel

People Management Best Practices

Looking for more ways that you can use Thnks every day? We've put together a Best Practices guide to help you out! Click the button below to view the whole guide and read some of our favorite tips!

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People Management Best Practices

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Aly Kline Mcgue
Adroll Group

Thnks has been an invaluable addition to our tech stack. Not only do our clients, prospects and internal teams love it, but we can quantify the true impact that gratitude is having on our business.

Brooke Hattie

With the influx of emails people receive every day trying to sell them something or asking for their time, Thnks allows us to stand out in a sea of emails. First impressions are important, and with Thnks we’re always off to a good start — people really appreciate the gesture!

David Sroka
Point of Reference

Thnks gestures are simple and relatable human expressions. A simple Thnks can make someone’s day. It pays off to share a Thnks, even with people whom you don’t know very well.

Kelly May

Without the ability to entertain in-person, the Thnks program has been invaluable for bringing joy and showing clients, candidates, consultants, and our employees they are appreciated!

Steve Wiideman
Wiideman Consulting Group

Thnks helps me build my professional network, retain employees, and acquire clients. It only takes a few clicks to send a nice gesture someone really appreciates.

Start Saying Thnks

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