Utilizing Appreciation to Drive Retention & Satisfaction

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Point of Reference helps companies leverage customer advocates to fuel business growth and fortify brands by providing state-of-the-art customer reference management technology and services.


Information Technology and Services

Company Size:

10 - 50 Employees

Joined Thnks:

November 2020

Thnks Solution:

Customer Engagement

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Use Cases

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Influence customer retention and contract renewal

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Incorporate gratitude into high-touch service model

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Increase satisfaction survey response rates

Building Stronger Customer Relationships with Gratitude

Sensing that his account managers could strengthen relationships through a more personal touch, David was on a mission to implement an attitude of gratitude throughout his business to increase customer engagement.

David realized that Thnks would allow his team to immediately begin strengthening their client relationships without having to collect customer addresses, or be hamstrung by client compliance rules. Thnks has allowed Point of Reference to personalize their business relationships by recognizing milestones, successes, and even mistakes!

David said, “Thnks has become a really hot commodity internally and there would be a revolt if we took Thnks away. Our account managers view Thnks as a tool in their relationship toolkit.”

From celebrating important client milestones, to thanking their customers for completing specific tasks, to acknowledging their partners during the holiday season, his team has attained elevated customer renewal rates by sharing expressions of appreciation that are aligned with customers’ personalities and interests.

After Partnering with Thnks:


Client Renewal Rate


Thnks Open Rate


Net Promoter Score (Their Highest Ever)