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We received an overwhelming number of submissions and are excited to share the five finalists selected for the 2023 Thnks Gratitude in Business Awards! Vote for your favorite to be the winner!

Voting will run until October 5th. The winner will be announced on October 16th.

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Thanks to all our submitters and nominees this year. Please read more about each finalist below.

image002Mary Anderson

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Convention Services Manager at Hilton Netherland Plaza

Perhaps the most outstanding quality that sets Mary apart is her dedication to "owning" every group that walks through our doors. She doesn't merely fulfill her duties; she takes full responsibility for the success of each event and works tirelessly to ensure that every detail is executed flawlessly. Mary's dedication and sense of ownership have not only impressed our clients but have also contributed significantly to the overall success and reputation of our company.

How does gratitude help you be more successful in your business life?

"Having gratitude in the hospitality industry is one of the many parts of our success. As a Conference Services Manager, it’s part of my job to have gratitude for all of our many departments that service our clients, groups, and fellow team members. From the bellmen to valet to housekeeping, keeping a positive attitude and working together helps maintain a healthy work environment – even during our chaotic days!"


Lisa Gonzales 01 (1)Lisa Gonzales


Area Manager at Sportclips

Lisa cares about everyone and everyone's success, she works hard to have a balance between her military family life and work life but is always available anytime a team member needs her, she always answers the call. Lisa not only acts as a leader, but also as a friend, a counselor, and problem solver- whether for business or someone's personal challenges. Lisa has also taken money out of her personal account to show appreciation for her team members without letting anyone know she does this. She has a genuine concern for over 75 employees in 8 stores, some of which are over 5 hours away from her.

How does gratitude help you be more successful in your business life?

"Gratitude helps me boost culture and motivation in my team because they feel seen for their hard work and dedication. This helps build trust. I believe a positive work environment leads to growth because my team feels appreciated and valued. I genuinely appreciate being a leader within SportClips, I find purpose in my work."


jackie k portrait 1aJackie Kovach


Guest Experience Specialist at Bosak Auto Group

Jackie always has a compassionate ear, as she’s willing to share her knowledge and teach others ways to improve, and has a strong moral compass and work ethic. Since she started her team’s KPI scores have gone up to top-tier levels in both sales and service surveys. Her team made top payouts for quality growth and retention and their staff and guests are so much happier. Jackie also implemented a Kudo's board where employees can recognize others for jobs well done.

How does gratitude help you be more successful in your business life?

"To me, it is rewarding in itself to personally show gratitude to an individual because I truly care about them as a human being. By cheering others on, and constantly showing I am in their corner, I have teams of people who want to do better for not only our internal guests, but external guests.  That is success!"


thomasma_GIBAThomas Ma


Co-Founder at Sapphire Studios

Central to Thomas’ philanthropic legacy is his co-founding of the "Hey, You Got This!" (HYGT) initiative. Born from his earnest desire to uplift those facing challenges, HYGT is a rallying call to empower individuals, reminding them of their inherent strength. Through this initiative, he actively engages in charitable work, offering supplies to underprivileged classrooms and championing education as a vehicle for change.

How does gratitude help you be more successful in your business life?

"Gratitude means everything to me. I am thankful for Sapphire, which provides a platform for me to give back to those in need. I believe in doing what we can to help those who require assistance to stand on their own feet. Life is about community and working together to support one another, and this belief is crucial in the business world."

Megha shah headshotMegha Shah


NAtional Director of sales at ukg

Megha is a selfless leader, putting the needs of her team before anyone else, ensuring they always feel respected, trusted, and valued. Megha embodies the People First mentality UKG promotes and ensures that the right thing is always done. Her employees trust her, confide in her, and become lifelong friends. She is thoughtful and strategic in her daily interactions and always goes above and beyond to further her team and career.

How does gratitude help you be more successful in your business life?

"Once a month, I encourage my team to pause and thank our internal partners or when I feel team morale is declining, we stop and have a quick attitude of gratitude huddle. It takes a lot of courage to possess this positive, growth mindset during the low times but once you have it, it empowers you and everyone around you. These gestures have proven to increase productivity and also foster team cohesion which in turn leads to collective success. We are better together."


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The winner will be announced on October 16th.

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