Why Giving Tuesday Matters: How Your Donation Can Make a Difference

Giving Tuesday is more than just a day - it’s a celebration that showcases the spirit of giving around the world. 

This special day takes place every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is an excellent reminder of how important it is to give back to our communities. 

Last year, over 37 million people in the United States took part in making donations to various non-profit organizations, communities, and causes. 

Here at Thnks, we understand how important the connection is between giving back and gratitude. That is why we’ve built in an option for people who receive a Thnks to donate the value of their gesture to charity. By utilizing this feature, people can make a tremendous impact by helping those in need. Additionally, the sender of a Thnks also has the opportunity to donate to a certain charity or organization by selecting an option from the ‘charitable donations’ category.

Before we dive deeper into how to give to charity on the Thnks platform, let’s look at why Giving Tuesday matters for your business. 

Why Does Giving Tuesday Matter?

There are several reasons why we recommend your business or organization participate in Giving Tuesday. Let’s dive in a little deeper:

1. Increases Brand Visibility

Participating in Giving Tuesday, offers your business or organization an opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility, both on a local and global level. By donating money to a local charity or by creating a company-wide fundraising event, businesses can create an online and traditional presence that will help spread awareness of their brand and also make an impact on the charity. 

2. Strengthens Relationships 

At Thnks, we have built a platform that will help strengthen business relationships through personalized and thoughtful gestures of appreciation. When your organization contributes to a charity, this demonstrates your commitment and dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

It also shows that your business is practicing kindness, which will strengthen your relationships with your customers, co-workers, etc. Research has shown that when people receive an act of kindness, they tend to pay it back, not just to the same person, but often to someone entirely new. Additionally, performing acts of kindness such as donating to a charity makes people feel good about themselves, but also makes them feel happy that they are helping make the world a better place. 

3. Creates Positive Change

Whenever your business donates to a charity, especially during Giving Tuesday, it provides an opportunity for your organization to make an impact and create positive change in the world as well as your community. Your generosity also can drive substantial resources toward addressing and tackling global challenges. 

4. Empowers Non-Profits/Charities 

This global holiday is a crucial fundraising event for various organizations, charities, and nonprofits. The donations that they receive will help them gain visibility, attract new donors, and engage with their followers to help them continue to make a greater social impact. It will also help them carry on with their mission so that they can continue to help others.

5. Builds Community 

Giving Tuesday unites people, businesses, and communities around a shared purpose. It cultivates a sense of community and togetherness to remind us that when we work together, we can make a difference. 

Each one of these reasons is an opportunity to align your organization’s business goals with social impact and in return, will benefit the company, its stakeholders, and society as a whole. 

How to Give to Charity on Thnks

You can donate to charity in two ways using Thnks platform:

  • As a customer or a sender of a Thnks, you can use the ‘charitable donations’ category to choose the charity or charities that your business would like to donate to.

  • As a recipient of a Thnks, you can utilize the ‘give the value to charity’ button found in the email that you receive.
    • This option is made possible by our integration with Cauze, a social giving app that allows people to give back by choosing from a variety of charity options. 
    • Once you press the ‘give’ button in your email, your Thnks’ value is instantly transferred into Cauze’s platform, where you can choose the charity of your choice. 

To date, our users have donated over $2.5 million in donations to various charities that we partner with. We are immensely proud of our users and we are looking forward to continuing to give back and making a difference. 

Let Us Help You Make an Impact

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