How Thnks Brings Gratitude and Charity Together

Gratitude and charitable giving share a strong association. Giving some of yourself to help others typically makes them grateful to you, but it's also an expression of your own appreciation for that person. When you give back, you create a moment of gratitude where both the giver and recipient share a mutual appreciation. The relationship strengthening is a two-way street.

For example, you may have colleagues or clients who live or work in an area recently affected by a natural disaster. You can show your appreciation for them and concern for their well-being through a donation to a local disaster relief organization. As they work to rebuild their community, they can know you support them through difficult times and that you appreciate the relationship you’ve cultivated with them. These gestures are a heartfelt way to truly show your business connections that you care, in a more cost-effective and engaging way than just sending generic corporate swag.

Here at Thnks we are always trying to improve and increase the ways people can share gratitude with each other. Moreover, we know that giving back is beneficial to the giver. In fact, recent research has solidified a link between giving back and personal benefits like lower stress and blood pressure, increased self-esteem, greater overall happiness and even a longer lifespan. Further proof that the old saying, “for it is in giving that we receive ''still rings true today. 

Because of the clear connection between giving back and gratitude, we’ve built in the option to give the value of any Thnks to charity. 

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a Thnks, you’ll notice an option to give the value of your Thnks to a charity of your choice. We do this through an integration with Cauze, a social giving app that allows individuals to give back at any moment of inspiration. Thnks works with Cauze to provide a variety of charity options where you can donate the value of your Thnks. The value is instantly transferred to Cauze’s platform, where you can browse a few popular Cauzes at the top, search for a specific local or national charity, or find nonprofits aligned with causes you care about.  

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Because of the generosity of our users we’ve been able to facilitate nearly $2 million in charitable donations to date, and the number keeps growing daily. These donations have supported Ukrainian relief efforts, local Humane Societies, and everything in between. 

Our business is built around gratitude, and we can’t stress enough how thankful we are to serve a selfless and engaged community of users who share gratitude through charity. Knowing that our platform has been able to make a measurable contribution to thousands of worthwhile causes has been one of the highlights of our year in this season of reflection and gratitude. Let’s keep up the good work!

Thnks makes it easier to incorporate personalized gratitude in order to grow, maintain, or develop your professional relationships. In a matter of seconds, you can search for the perfect gesture, personalize a note, and send it off via SMS or email. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo, or click here to learn more about expressing gratitude in business!