The Best Time to Send Thnks in Sales

By: Brenna McGuire, Product Marketing Manager at Thnks

To be a successful salesperson, it is vital to remain top of mind and not get lost in the noise of emails and phone calls. We all know the impact of being in the right place at the right time, and the importance of timing when it comes to building relationships in your sales career.

As you connect with prospects and customers, it’s meaningful to remember the little things from your conversations and even more so when you’re able to incorporate thoughtful timing to share gestures of gratitude. In order to be intentional about sending a gesture of gratitude and foster a genuine business relationship, it is important to find the right time to send Thnks. 

I’ve listed some of the best times to send Thnks for sales success and how you can use gratitude to hit your sales goals. 

When to Say Thnks:

The sales world offers endless opportunities to say Thnks, but a couple of the most effective times to do so are immediately before and after meetings. The right touchpoint at the right time can make all the difference.

  • Rise and shine: To gear up your prospects for a morning meeting, try sending them a power breakfast beforehand. It’s a great way to show the clients you’re thinking of them and create feelings of connection as they start their day. 

  • Follow up with their favs: To keep your brand on the minds of meeting attendees after they leave, consider sending a quick Thnks for joining the meeting that they can use that evening, like a movie night or dinner at their favorite spot. 

  • Punctual personalization: Being an active listener during the meeting can also give you inspiration for ways to say Thnks that are timely and personalized to what’s going on in your connection’s life at the moment. Some good examples of this are when they mention their favorite sports team, talk about their dog, or share something about their children. To make your post-meeting follow up even more impactful, pick up on these cues and send gestures that align with them. This will really help you connect at a deeper level. 

  • Keep the opportunity alive: Every sales person has experienced it - you had a great meeting, you follow up for that next step to close, and you get ghosted. This is the perfect time to send a Thnks! Show your prospect that you’re still thinking of them with funny, impactful Thnks like ghost hot sauce or cozy socks for cold feet.

For more ideas about the right time to send Thnks, check out the Sales Best Practices Guide and download our eBook, 7 Tactics to Move Prospects through Your Pipeline Faster with Gratitude.