How to Ensure A Gratitude Cycle in Your Business

Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Everyone wants to feel valued, especially your clients. Chances are there is more than one company that does exactly what you do. So why do your clients choose your business over theirs? Often it has to do with a relationship and feeling of attachment to your particular business. While your products or services may not be drastically different from your competitors, your customer service can. When giving to your clients, they should feel like the gift was hand-selected and personalized just for them. To make an impression, you want your clients to know you were thinking of them while making this purchase. 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. To play at the game of reciprocity, you need to tailor the gift for the recipient.

What our customers say:

“I’m sure you get these all the time but thought I’d pass along this reply I just got from Lyft after sending an $8 coffee. ‘I appreciate you so much!!! Thank you. That made my morning. It’s been a long week and the thoughtful gesture really helps’” – Brian F,

Gift Practically and Beneficially

Giving a client something to benefit them other than your specific product will reap benefits. Show them you’re not only looking to sell, but you also want to show your appreciation for their business. It’s no secret that everyone likes someone who appreciates them, and one of the core tenets of selling is that people choose to do business with people that they like. If the gift you’re giving is of high quality (e.g. genuine, tailored, thoughtful), you establish yourself as someone who people want to be reckoned with – someone who gives not just when they want to get but gives genuinely and generously.

What our customers say:

“I really appreciate the coffee you sent me today! It was a long one, and the shot of caffeine right around 2 pm was exactly what I needed. I’m looking forward to understanding the system even better and putting it to good use.”  – Nicholas 

Suggest Specific Ways that Clients may Reciprocate

When gifting in a business context, you are almost always using it as a means to an end. Whether it is sending them a branded business mug (when they use it, your company gets brand recognition!) or sending your prospect a cup of coffee (let’s make sure they show up to our Monday morning meeting!), you want the favor to be returned whether it is immediate or not. Be sure to include how or what they can do for you in return. Offer which specific ways you would like your clients to show their support. The ease of knowing exactly how to return the favor will increase the chances of gratitude from your client.

What our customers say:

“It was great meeting you the other day! Wish you a successful close to the month. Looking forward to connecting next week to coordinate a meeting with you and Craig.” – Shayla

Be the First to Give

Get used to sending your gifts on the earlier side! Be the first one to reach out, and your clients will feel the drive to give back. Whether it’s the first to reach out over a scheduled meeting, the holidays, or a celebration all will make an impact on the gratitude you receive.

Keep the Relationship Going

In business, you need loyalty. The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5% and 20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60 and 70%. Whether it’s asking for feedback, referrals, or just a simple thank you; there is always an excuse to reach out and stay connected. Stay connected with your clients, and keep gratitude in mind.

What our customers say:

“As a sales rep that covers a vast territory, you guys saved me when I forgot my to acknowledge one of my largest customer’s birthday. Thankfully I was able to send her a sweet treat which she loved! Will definitely share with my colleagues!” – Murdocc 

Written by: Lauren Reimer, Marketing at Thnks