3 Ways that You Can Still Celebrate Occasions This Spring

When we were children, we were taught that there are two approaches to life. Or rather, two opposing perspectives that we can take when viewing situational outcomes: “half empty” or “half full.” 

As we wade tentatively through the beginning of Q2, a few days filled with April showers could dampen our already sodden spirits and cause us to withdraw. 

However, it’s important to bypass this “half empty” mindset and remember that the sun’s still shining behind the clouds, even when we can’t quite see it (after all, it’s backed by science).  

With this new quarter underway, spring is officially in full swing. Just because we’re social distancing, doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to celebrate the birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other spring rituals that were previously planned before we began quarantining

In fact, honoring these festivities and milestones could make your disposition feel more than “half full!”: 

The Importance of Expressing Appreciation

Now more than ever, it’s paramount to share positive sentiments with those whom we’re connected tofrom family and friends to business partners and colleagues who could be coping with current unprecedented circumstances in a myriad of ways. 

It’s no secret that at times, we could all use some help maintaining a positive outlook (both in general, and especially now). 

Recently, major publications have recognized this need and have taken action. For instance, The Atlantic has launched a new column on happiness, and CNN has created “Project Happy” in an effort to take a deeper dive into the different ways in which we pursue positivity. 

Since we’re all enduring this together, now’s the time to leverage a little emotional intelligence (EQ), especially with connections and colleagues who may have had important dates set for this spring. 

By putting yourself in their shoes and showing them some much-needed appreciation, they will: 

  1. Feel valued, despite their event cancellations.
  2. View your emotional connection as strengthened. Keep in mind that 81% of individuals who receive a grateful gesture believe that this expression demonstrates that the giver prioritizes their relationship. 
  3. Develop personal loyalty towards you and the organization that you represent. 

These three gratitude outcomes combine to build reciprocity (which is the idea that “if I do something supportive for you, you will in turn advocate for me”). When this sentiment is generated, it comes back around in the form of future opportunities that could benefit both you and your business. 

How Appreciation Benefits Those Who Provide It

Yep, you read that right: not only does expressing gratitude affect recipients, but it also impacts those who provide it

How so? Well, in addition to creating feelings of reciprocity, when individuals appreciate others, they: 

1.) Become more likeable

Let’s face it: writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit. As we lose out on in-person interactions, our textual communications can be easily misinterpreted. By sharing grateful gestures, especially ones that are customized specifically for recipients, we can counteract any confusion, and in this process, become even more likeable through our actions.

2.) Create personal optimism

Not only is the concept of gratitude directly correlated with optimism, but expressing appreciation is associated with infrequent negative tendencies and repeated positive emotions, including enhanced energy, alertness, and enthusiasm.

3.) Are viewed as influential

In addition to creating compelling collaborative ties with your connections, taking an appreciative approach will allow you to separate yourself from the negative noise and pave the way for greater influence as you proliferate positive thoughts.  

3 Simple Ways That You Can Still Celebrate Occasions

Sure, we may be “sheltering in place” currently. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t honor the events that we committed to attend earlier this year. 

Here are 3 simple ways that you can still celebrate occasions this spring while remaining within a safe distance:

1.) Pick Up the Phone or set up a FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangout call

Let’s flashback to our adolescent years for a second. Back to when our parents would nudge us to pick up the phone and call our grandparents. 

Initially, we might respond with reluctance, whining at the idea of putting Animal Crossing on pause and closing our Nintendo DS to shuffle over to the phone. 

But remember how excited they sounded when they discovered that it was us who had made the call? 

That same level of enthusiasm can be curated by calling your contacts to honor their occasions in the face of cancellations or postponements. 

Keep in mind that some of us are holed up alone right now, and the desire for human contact and connection could be even more heightened than usual. If you want to go the extra mile, try FaceTiming them or setting up a Zoom or Google Hangout sessionthe Thnks team does this every workday morning to keep in touch. 

2.) Write a Note Expressing Your Gratitude

Think about it: When was the last time that you received a letter or note from someone emphasizing that you’re an integral part of their life? Most likely, it’s been awhile. 

A second way to show your appreciation towards a contact on their special day is to write a thoughtful letter. 

If you’re concerned about handwriting it, note that genuine words will be well regarded even if they’re typed. In fact, new research has shown that recipients of emailed expressions of gratitude may feel much more “ecstatic” than expected.

3.) Share a Grateful Gesture 

You might not be able to leave your apartment or house to go find an item to share in support of a colleague’s crucial celebration. Luckily, there are a variety of technological systems at your disposal that will allow you to share grateful gestures regardless of current events:

Some ideas for what you could send include the following: 

  1. For a birthday, an Ulta Beauty Shopping Spree for a connection who’s been spending some of their free time at home attempting to become a YouTube beauty vlogger. Or, Golf Gear from Callaway for a colleague who’s itching to get back out on the course.
  2. A bottle of Veuve Clicquot for brides and grooms who had to postpone their nuptials. (Bonus points if you include Toasting Flutes.)
  3. A Housewarming Box for the soon-to-be college grad who might be even more eager to get their own place after a premature move back home. 
  4. A Movie Night Box for the couple whose anniversary is around the corner. 

It’s Time to Spring into Action!

Despite ongoing uncertainties, there are still special moments that can be treasured from afar. 

By remaining positive and promoting appreciative thoughts, in addition to making someone’s day, you will also find yourself smiling as you spring into action!

Saying Thnks can help you generate positive emotions and maintain your relationships. Within seconds, users can send gestures of appreciation with personal and professional connections by searching for an expression, creating a customized note, and sharing it via SMS or email.