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Thank the Right Person at the Right Time

People like to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them.

Business Connections

Prospect Smarter

For stronger connections with your prospects – break through the clutter by seamlessly sending a thoughtful gesture of appreciation. It will help you stand out and get your meetings set

business retention

Increase Customer Retention

Keep current customers happy and engaged by recognizing them at special and deserving moments

Business Recognition

Motivate Employees

Recognize peers you work with for a job well done – this type of appreciation sparks better performance and happier employees

Give Thnks

Send your clients, colleagues or prospects an unexpected gesture of gratitude to not only make them feel appreciated, but ultimately help drive more business.

1. Find the Perfect Thnks

Browse our list of thousands of curated items to find something truly thoughtful. For the prospective client who is always busy try a week of coffee, or perhaps an Uber ride for your top client on a rainy morning.

2. Choose Your Contacts

Select your recipients. Whether it’s a Thnks to 1 or to 100 we have you covered with a simple, fast solution to show your appreciation.


3. Personalize Your Message and Send!

Your recipient can instantly accept their Thnks or choose to donate the value to charity if they don’t want or can’t accept their gift.


Receive Thnks

Illustration of Thnks App

Accept Thnks seamlessly

  • No app download or account creations needed!
  • With digital Thnks like coffee or a pair of movie tickets, your recipient will receive a digital code that they can use for online or in-store redemption.
  • For any Thnks with physical delivery, like a bottle of wine or liquor, your recipient will be prompted to enter their preferred address and their Thnks will be delivered straight to them.
  • The recipient has the option to donate their Thnks value to charity.
Catherine Geewax
Sigma Computing

I honestly love Thnks and am already thinking about what I will send when deals close later this month. It makes it exciting and adds a creative element! 

Todd Catlette

Thnks has saved me hours of time so I can focus on what is most important, spending time building relationships in person or on calls with my customers.

Aly Kline Mcgue
Adroll Group

Thnks has been an invaluable addition to our tech stack. Not only do our clients, prospects and internal teams love it, but we can quantify the true impact that gratitude is having on our business.

Christian Conover

Thnks helps me engage with leads who reviewed Insightly's content, but have not raised their hand to be contacted, and encourage leads to schedule time with us!

Brooke Hattie

With the influx of emails people receive every day trying to sell them something or asking for their time, Thnks allows us to stand out in a sea of emails. First impressions are important, and with Thnks we’re always off to a good start — people really appreciate the gesture!

David Sroka
Point of Reference

Thnks gestures are simple and relatable human expressions. A simple Thnks can make someone’s day. It pays off to share a Thnks, even with people whom you don’t know very well.

Dominique de Stefano
Sigma Computing

When I use Thnks, I can get a program up and running in a day. I just need my list of contacts, my message, and it’s out the door. I can see in real time if people are redeeming gestures or responding. It’s all automated, which is amazing.

Kelly May

Without the ability to entertain in-person, the Thnks program has been invaluable for bringing joy and showing clients, candidates, consultants, and our employees they are appreciated!

Bryan Scholz

Thnks is an outlet to start things off on the right foot. I’m able to engage with customers and new business on a personalized level through the multi-faceted platform.

Steve Wiideman
Wiideman Consulting Group

Thnks helps me build my professional network, retain employees, and acquire clients. It only takes a few clicks to send a nice gesture someone really appreciates.

Jason Zawacki
Pure Storage

It's often said that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Gratitude is an aspect of caring, and the Thnks platform is the way my team demonstrates gratitude in simple gestures.

Michelle Della Rocco

With Thnks, we've been able to make gratitude a part of our client's journey through their entire lifecycle.