Grow Business with Gratitude.

Send Thnks.


Sending gratitude is proven to:

  • Shorten your sales cycles
  • Move more prospects through your sales funnel
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

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Sending Thnks is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Pick a Thnks

1. Pick a Thnks

Select from thousands of options at a range of price points.

Choose Contacts

2. Choose your Recipients

Send to just one person or to batches of contacts instantly. All you need is an email or phone number.

Write Message

3. Include the Thank-You Note

Write a personalized message to maximize the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

Trusted By High-Performance Teams

Thousands of businesses are leveraging Thnks to meet their sales and revenue goals.

Aly Kline McGue
Aly Kline McGue
"Thnks has been an invaluable addition to our tech stack. Not only do our clients and prospects teams love it, but we can quantify the true impact gratitude is having on our business."
8.1x ROI on new business sales
+62% New business deal value
13.9x ROI on upsell opportunities
Dominique de Stefano
Dominique de Stefano
"I honestly love Thnks and am already thinking about gifts I will send when deals close later this month... it makes it exciting and adds a creative element."
8x ROI on new business sales
+57% New business deal value
93% Thnks open rate

Track Success in Real Time

Thnks is a platform built for teams.

Budgeting Control

Budgeting Control

Per-user budgeting enables precise sending management with full visibility.

Compliance Tools

Compliance Tools

Category control allows you to easily set parameters on what Thnks can be sent, so your team can stay compliant.



Get insights at the user or team level to identify what Thnks are working, which recipients are receptive, and where to improve.

Solutions for Your Teams


Don't Get Ghosted - Send a Thnks!

Supercharge your close rate and delight your prospects with a thoughtful gesture of gratitude.

  • Send a follow-up coffee.
  • Share lunch from afar.
  • Close a deal with a bottle of wine.

Account Management

Show Your Clients Some Love

Maybe you're celebrating the end of a big project, or simply just want to show appreciation. Either way, say it with a Thnks!

  • Send whiskey to celebrate a completed project.
  • Say thanks for referring business your way.
  • Send movie tickets to a client and their family.


Build a Grateful Brand Image

Elevate your brand awareness and reputation, secure partnerships, and engage with connections during big events

  • Show attendees you value their time.
  • Build your brand image on gratitude.
  • Thank event sponsors with a sweet treat.

Say Thnks with these popular options 










Empower Your Business With Thnks

Get a demo of our platform today.

  • Shorten your sales cycles

  • icon_reportingAnalytics

    Move more prospects through your sales funnel

  • icon_plans

    Increase customer satisfaction and retention

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