Leveraging Gratitude to Save Valuable Hours

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Star2Star Communications, acquired by Sangoma, unifies customers' voice, video, fax, instant messaging, and presence management into a single, easy-to-use solution that improves productivity.



Company Size:

201 - 500 Employees



Joined Thnks:

November 2018

Thnks Solution:


Photo of Todd Catlette

Todd Catlette

Thnks has saved me hours of time so I can focus on what is most important, spending time building relationships in person or on calls with my customers.

Customer Use Case

Star2Star, a Full Spectrum Communications Solution provider that works within a diverse set of business verticals, was looking for a new and innovative way to set itself apart in the fiercely competitive communications sector.

The Problem

Sales team spending too much time on admin tasks; hindering selling time and revenue potential.


David Portnowitz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sangoma, has a clear understanding that leading with gratitude leads to positive results. He searched for years for an easier way to send gratitude to their customers.

Star2Star, a Sangoma company, takes great pride in sharing appreciation both internally and externally. The sales team is trained early on to send handwritten thank you notes and appropriate gestures of gratitude to its entire client base. But as we all know, that is a very time-consuming endeavor, and due to that, has become a lost art.

"It became a laborious process (to send gestures of appreciation) because you had to get the address, verify it, get the stuff, send it, and think about what to send. All the logistics would take all the fun out of it”, said David


Star2Star came across Thnks in November 2018 and was immediately drawn to the platform’s intuitive and seamless capabilities including:

  • The ability to send multiple gestures of appreciation in seconds, instantly over email and text message (bonus: recipients do not need an account or app to receive their Thnks)
  • An intuitive application and management platform
  • A catalog of thousands of digital and physical items with a wide range of pricing
  • The ease of including personalized messages with every gesture
  • Powerful administration tools for budgeting and real-time tracking of all activity


Todd Catlette, Strategic Partner Director, was thrilled when presented with Thnks. He immediately envisioned hundreds of use cases and could not wait to get started.

Todd also loves the fact that a recipient can donate the Thnks to a charity, which aligns perfectly with the company's philanthropic culture.

Thnks has saved me hours of time so I can focus on what is most important, spending time building relationships in person or on calls with my customers.
Todd Catlette
Todd Catlette Strategic Partner Director


After a few months of sending Thnks, Star2Star was so thrilled with getting hours back in their work week that they invited Brendan Kamm, CEO and Co-Founder of Thnks, for an interview on their podcast Heads in The Cloud.

In the podcast David says, “We have always been looking for a way to empower our sales team to send little thank you items that would resonate and be meaningful for our customers. Thnks has given us the opportunity by being able to set budgets and they have an incredibly vast catalog of things you can send, so you can always find just the right gesture."

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