How Gratitude Became Pure Storage's Most Powerful Sales Tool

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Pure Storage is redefining the storage experience and empowering innovators by simplifying how people consume and interact with data.


Computer Hardware and Software

Company Size:

1,001 - 5000 Employees


Joined Thnks:

April 2020

Thnks Solution:


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Jason Zawacki

It's often said that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Gratitude is an aspect of caring, and the Thnks platform is the way my team demonstrates gratitude in simple gestures.


Michelle Scott had just moved to a new territory as an Enterprise Account Executive at Pure Storage and she was chasing after new customers whom she’d never worked with - but there was one problem - it was the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Michelle had always used in-person visits to make an impression with prospects, but now it was difficult to build relationships in this new environment where she couldn’t visit their offices. One tactic that used to work for her was delivering cookies, but with everyone working remotely, there was no comfortable way to ask for personal addresses to send her sweet treats.

She needed a solution that she could quickly implement to build connections, and that’s when Michelle found Thnks. She brought Thnks to her leadership team, and they recognized how the notion of expressing gratitude was growing in response to the challenges everyone was facing from the pandemic. They knew Thnks would be a powerful tool for the Pure Storage sales teams to show appreciation to their customers and grow their business.


Thnks gave Pure Storage a new way to connect with customers and partners, leading to sales success during a time when everyone was distracted by world events and learning to work in a newly remote environment. Jason Zawacki, Regional Sales Director for Southeast Enterprise, says “The pandemic changed the way you go to market, and for a business leader, you have to figure out how to connect people.” He appreciated the low lift that it took for his team to get started on Thnks and how quickly expressing gratitude positively impacted their business.

The real test for Pure Storage was if they could get attention and responses from contacts who were not taking meetings or responding to emails. The team found that by sending personalized Thnks, they were able to engage new customers. Michelle, who was working in her new territory with no pre-existing relationships, was able to open up major new accounts using Thnks as a tool. “People keep telling me they can’t believe that I’ve been able to do what I’ve been doing in a pandemic - but it’s because of the personalization, and the personalization is what has helped me stand out from the pack," she says.

Pure Storage’s culture is all about trying to remove the friction of customers using and consuming tech. The team is always looking for points of connection with their clients, which has helped them foster a healthy, natural dialogue and build a reputation as a company that is authentic and genuinely caring. Jason says, “It's often said that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Gratitude is an aspect of caring, and the Thnks platform is the way my team demonstrates gratitude in simple gestures.”

“Thnks let me show off my personal brand as well as my company’s brand, and give a customer next-level attention through sending a personalized gesture and having that capability to circle back when I’ve seen that my Thnks has been opened and redeemed.”

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott Enterprise Account Executive



Thnks Open Rate


Thnks Redemption Rate


Most Popular Thnks:

A Movie Night at Home

Paper Plane Majenta

Total Thnks Sent:

3,500 and counting!

Thnks has helped Pure Storage get deals across the finish line. As an example, Michelle utilized Thnks early on with multiple accounts that led to substantial business for Pure Storage. “It’s changed my life personally and has given me exposure internally. I’ve been able to open up major accounts because of Thnks, which is giving my team top-down recognition because of the high profile customers we’re bringing on. The ROI that we’re going to get from using Thnks is tremendous.” Another sales representative converted six difficult accounts using Thnks for a pipeline value of $4.2 million.

Pure Storage’s leadership recognized the influence that Thnks has when they realized that the two managers who took the heaviest approach with Thnks were also the top 2 Enterprise sales districts across the US, ranking #1 and #2 in new logos and new revenue in 2020, and have seen strong quarters again in 2021, even during lockdowns over the summer. Pure Storage’s Thnks use has grown to include 28 different teams and 146 users across their sales, marketing, and engineering departments.

Paper Plane Teal


When They Send

  • Stay top of mind throughout sales prospecting
  • Follow up after a meeting
  • Reconnect when a campaign goes quiet
  • Say thanks for a referral or reference
  • Celebrating a win or major milestone with a customer

How They Say Thnks

The way Pure Storage users send Thnks varies by individual, and as users mature with the platform, they’re finding new use cases wherever it makes sense for their role. “There’s not just one use case,” says Ellen Lail, Regional Sales Director for Southeast Commercial. “I love that my team can spend anywhere from $5 to $500 on the Thnks platform depending on their needs.”

Michelle loves how simple it is to send a Thnks and find an item that she knows will be appreciated by her client. “Every time I search for a favorite item of mine on Thnks, you have it. You have a breadth of offerings.” For her, it’s about the connections that come from sending a Thnks. One of her clients shared with her how much he loved cheese, and after their meeting, Michelle went into Thnks and sent him her favorite cheese from Holland. “He cracked up and couldn’t believe that I found it - it’s that extension of conversation that shows I was paying attention to him. I sent him something he really enjoyed and he knew it came from a good place.” Thnks is not just about selling - it’s about growing relationships with your clients.