Leveraging Gratitude to Drive Business Growth

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Hired is the largest AI-driven marketplace that matches ambitious tech and sales talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find a job they love and reach their full potential.


Staffing and Recruiting

Company Size:

51 - 200 Employees



Joined Thnks:

March 2019

Thnks Solutions:


Use Cases

Partnership Teal

Engage with targeted prospects to book more new business sales meetings

Influence Teal

Reconnect with prospects and customers who’ve gone dark to broaden opportunities

Results Teal

Leverage gratitude as a substitute for direct mail to grow relationships with key contacts

Leveraging Gratitude to Drive Business Growth

After enacting direct mail campaigns to catch prospects’ attention, Brooke needed a swift and efficient solution to help Hired reach their target customers while working remotely. Since Hired’s sales team was already using Thnks to share grateful gestures with their prospects, Brooke decided to double down on digital expressions of appreciation.

By partnering with Thnks, Brooke said that, “Thnks has been a great tool for Hired's outbound marketing efforts.” In addition to liking the simplicity of the platform, Brooke loves how the process of sharing Thnks gestures is streamlined, and that she can track her sales reps’ spend, as well as set budget limits. She added that, “Thnks has saved us hours of time and improved our cost efficiency, and this has allowed us to spend more time on other initiatives and allocate leftover budget to other channels.”

Brooke’s sales team loves that Thnks gestures reach prospects and customers directly in their inboxes, and they’ve experienced increased response rates from practicing personalized gratitude.

After Partnering with Thnks:


Reduction in Gratuitous Marketing Spend


Thnks Open Rate


Saw a 7% decrease in acquisition costs