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Marketing Center of Excellence Client: Consumer Social Media Platform


Technology, Information & Internet

Company Size:

1,001-5,000 Employees

Joined Thnks:

March 2020

Thnks Solution:



A consumer social media platform sales team was looking for a way to stand out when their sales manager found Thnks. They wanted to build connections with prospects and customers, and quickly realized Thnks was a powerful tool to break up the noise of other outreach. A Partner Manager for the Retail industry, was part of this initial team sending Thnks. “My clients had never seen anything like this,” the Partner Manager says. The impact of showing gratitude immediately strengthened the team’s relationships with their customers. When the SVP of Partnerships learned about the tool, he put Thnks in the hands of the entire Enterprise sales team, which later expanded to the mid-market US and Canada sales groups with over 400 team members.

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Thnks has given the consumer social media platform sales organization the ability to build connections with their clients and has been a powerful tool for re-engaging when a prospect goes quiet. Each group within the sales organization puts their own personal spin on showing gratitude with Thnks. A Sales Manager for Advertising Partnerships for the Fashion vertical, leads a team that uses Thnks for connecting with clients and prospects. “It’s fantastic not having to ask for addresses. Before the pandemic, we used to bring swag to meetings in person, but now it’s so rare to have a whole team in the office. Thnks gives us the opportunity to celebrate and thank our clients without having to be in person.” For the Partnering Manager, sending Thnks that are themed on the consumer social media platform’s latest trends has been a unique way to stand out to prospects. She also uses Thnks to show appreciation to more established clients, sending something small after every meeting to say thank you and using the platform to send larger items during the holiday season to show gratitude for another year of partnership. Another Partner Manager, has also seen success sending coffee and lunches to her clients. “It’s a great way to show appreciation for existing partnerships. A personal touch goes a long way,” she adds.


"As a leader, it's important to me to set an example of gratitude, because it trickles down throughout the rest of the team. The Thnks platform is so easy to use and has so many options to put a smile on someone's face."

Sector Lead, Emerging Markets

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The Consumer Social Media Platform's sales organization has seen overwhelming success building relationships and re-engaging with partners throughout the sales cycle. “Not only has Thnks made all the traditional things we do to show appreciation easier, it’s also been great to get us back on people’s radar if we’ve fallen off,” a sales manager said. Check out these incredible success stories from the team!









“Every single time, who doesn’t like a Thnks? Every time you send one, you build the relationship and make someone feel appreciated,” the Sector Lead said. The personal touch of a Thnks goes a long way for showing appreciation to partners, colleagues, and clients, which has clearly helped  the consumer social media platform grow their business and stay connected with key accounts. Thnks and the consumer social media platform continue to partner to spread more gratitude and grow business relationships.

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