Lead Generation is Easy; Relationship Building is Hard

Customer Use Case

The leading business social media platform's Talent Solutions sales team was looking for a unique way to connect with their target customer (human resources executives) in order to increase sales of their Career platform.

The Problem

Lead generation is easy; relationship building is hard.


The Talent Solutions sales reps allocate a portion of their budgets to “relationship building,” classically in the form of mailing branded swag. However, this process is costly and time consuming and offers limited attribution to the sales team.

The account executive recognized the ability of Thnks to build relationships faster and nurture more leads – resulting in a more effective sales process. They have been leveraging the power of Thnks for 6 months.


Thnks has provided the sales team with a scalable tool to connect with decision makers, develop relationships and advance their sales funnel. Thnks allows users to break through the clutter and build stronger relationships with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that seamlessly augments their existing sales process. Thnks are small gestures of appreciation that signal an emotion and solicit actions from prospects.

Here are some recent examples from the Account Executive:

  • Sent chicken soup to a prospect who said they had a bad cold
  • Sent coffee for the week to a potential client who indicated she was stressed over crazy deadlines
  • Leveraged a Thnks to help move up a Docusign contact email to the top of the queue


The AE was curious so ran his own internal test, monitoring prospects he sent Thnks to against those he didn’t and discovered that he received significantly more responses from the group that received Thnks than those who did not.

Achieving 150% of sales quota for the month of September

Reduced an hour of time each week on administrative tasks, which were then put to selling time

Shortened sales cycle over 30% from 45-60 days to 30-45 days


The AE says “I will keep using Thnks as my go to relationship-building platform as it has helped open doors, saved me time on administrative tasks, and get more deals across the finish line. In a time where there is so much email clutter, Thnks has helped me break-through. Building relationships is all about making connections on a personal level. Thnks has made this happen seamlessly and effortlessly.”