Voices of Gratitude- Josh Anderson

By: Josh Anderson; Owner at The Anderson Group Real Estate

In our series, Voices of Gratitude, some of our favorite business leaders tell us about how gratitude impacts their lives and how they share it with the people around them. As a company that believes in the importance of acts of gratitude, we’ve invited prominent and admirable business leaders in the Nashville area and beyond to tell us about maintaining relationships, feeling appreciated, and what they’re most looking forward to. You can find other guest interviews from this series here.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company’s background.

I am originally from Nashville, TN and I grew up in Louisiana. I graduated from LSU with a degree in Finance and Economics. After graduation, I worked at an investment bank for a bit then got my real estate license and started full time in real estate in 2006 (about a year before the crash!). I really started The Anderson Group in 2010 and have been building it slowly since then, slow and steady.  

Why do you think gratitude is important?

Life is hard. Who we surround ourselves with matters. Making sure those people know they are important and that you are appreciative and grateful for them really makes a big difference and goes a long way.  We are all busy. Just saying something as simple as Thank You to someone can totally change their day. And it might sound silly but I think having gratitude is good for your health and allows us to sleep better and it certainly impacts the person or people around you positively while strengthening those relationships.  

How do you use gratitude in your business life?

I get busy at work and have to remind myself to slow down, walk around the office and thank the people who work with me. It's being purposeful and intentional about finding something they are doing well at, and making sure they know that you noticed it and appreciate it. In real estate, we are connected to so many other businesses and people before, during and after the real estate transaction. It’s making sure your clients and advocates know that you don't take them for granted and that you appreciate them. It's calling them and acknowledging the referral they sent or the person they connected us with.  

It's also just going above and beyond just because sometimes, regardless of whether there is something in it for me. I love connecting people that I think would be a good fit in some capacity.  I love being the reason people connected or being a resource for people moving in and out of town and helping them with all the things…well beyond real estate. 

What’s your best piece of advice for maintaining business relationships?

Under promise and over deliver. Show up. Do what you say you will do. Your word is your bond. 

How do you recognize that your work is appreciated? What actions from others make you feel most appreciated?

With regard to real estate, it's when we get referrals or when a client comes back to us after years of living in their home. It's us always working to add value to clients and staying in touch and checking in with them. Adding value sometimes is difficult because value means something a little different to everyone. 

How can others start integrating gratitude into their daily life?

Just start small. Go out of your way to say thank you 3 or 5 times per day. Do that for 30 days.  Do something for someone for no particular reason. It feels really good. Pay it forward. Go buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee. It doesn't have to be big, but might be a big deal to them. 

How do you practice gratitude in your personal life?

This is one I am constantly working on and it bleeds over from work, really. It's thanking the people everywhere we go on a daily basis offering help. I think it would be hard to do this in your business life and not have it naturally carry over to personal (or vice versa). It’s thanking my wife, thanking the kids (they don't even know it but are teaching me patience and all kinds of other stuff ). Calling my parents and telling them they did an amazing job of raising 4 kids (I didn't think so at the time). I think it's being in the moment and also reflecting on who helped you get to where you are today, personally and professionally. 

What’s something you’re looking forward to?

We have a few new key roles at The Anderson Group and are excited to be in business with them and see what we can achieve together. Personally, we have a few fun family trips set up that will be exciting.

What’s one thing you’re grateful for right now?

As generic as it sounds, it's probably my health. The ability to start the day with a strong workout. I am also grateful for the people I am in business with. They are awesome and we are going to continue to have so much fun while creating an amazing client experience. Lastly, it is my wife and kids, I am not sure what I would do without them.