5 Secret Strategies to Stand Out in B2B Sales

Sales teams know too well that just because we’re beginning a new year, doesn’t mean that it’s no longer difficult to get in touch with key contacts. 

In fact, as remote work has become more pervasive, our technology usage has expanded and ultimately increased the amount of digital noise that sales reps have to compete against in order to reach their leads. 

However, if you’re a sales professional, you shouldn’t get discouraged: there are a few secret strategies that will help you to circumvent the digital clutter and stand out from other sales reps in your attempts to connect with your ideal customers. 

In this post, we’ll disclose:

  • Why it’s increasingly difficult for B2B sales professionals to make contact with prospects
  • Tried and true facets of the sales process
  • 5 methods for separating yourself from other B2B sales reps

Why It’s Hard for B2B Sales Professionals to Connect with Leads

If you’ve found it challenging to connect with your desired contacts, you’re not alone. According to ZoomInfo, it takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect. As a comparison, back in 2007, this number was 3.68. 

So, why has this average increased? Well, simply put, as we’ve expanded our technology usage, the number of communication channels that we converse with has multiplied. 

Between emails, Slack messages, Google Hangouts, and phone calls, all of this digital noise has lengthened the buyer’s journey. For example, fifteen years ago, the average consumer typically used two touch-points when buying an item, and only 7% regularly used more than four. Now, customers use an average of almost six touch points, with 50% regularly using more than four.

And, not only does the B2B space have one of the weakest email open rates, but 17% of Americans create a new email address every six months, making it harder than ever to build relationships with our key contacts. 

While The Tools in the Sales Game Have Changed, The Rules Remain the Same

Just because we’ve had to become more technologically savvy and learn how to craft eye-catching copy, doesn’t mean that sales, at its core, has changed. 

Whether your main concern is hitting your quota, or you’re looking to rise in your company’s sales ranks, your success will largely depend on the relationships that you build and sustain over time

Think about it: not only do people want to do business with individuals whom they like, but they also look to create additional business opportunities for contacts whom they enjoy working with. In fact, according to Inc., relationships can be your most effective sustainable competitive advantage in growing your book of business and enhancing your professional development. 

Even though personal relationships are limited to about five, studies have proven that most of us can maintain 50-150 professional ones. By making your network a priority, you’ll consistently remain ahead of your competition. 


5 Tips to Separate Yourself from Other B2B Sales Reps

In an effort to help you stand out in your prospects’ eyes, our team has crafted five tips that you can leverage in order to separate yourself from the pack of B2B sales reps: 

1.) Identify and Connect with Champions

When compiling your outreach list, begin by doing a little bit of research to identify ideal contacts to get in touch with.

To ensure that you execute this effectively, especially if there are multiple people who you think you’d like to connect with at one company, begin by asking yourself, “Who’s most likely to gravitate towards my company’s product/service and champion it internally with their boss and colleagues alike?”

You’re 147% more likely to connect with a stakeholder if you dial their number directly, so clarifying who to call to is key. 

2.) Leverage Your Warm Intros

Since 73% of executives prefer to work with sales professionals who have been referred by someone they know, be sure to leverage any warm introductions that you might have when possible. 

It’s important to consider that sales professionals who use social selling are 51% more likely to reach their quota, so don’t be afraid to warm up your network in an effort to connect with your prospects. 

3.) Frame Your Pitch

Remember, everyone likes to feel special, and your potential partners are no different

Since 80% of consumers claim that they are more likely to conduct business with a company if it offers personalized experiences, make sure that you’re framing your pitch towards your prospects’ needs and pain points. 

4.) Build Relationships Through Appreciation

One simple way to strengthen your relationships with potential customers? Make them feel valued. 

Note that 67% of individuals believe that expressions of appreciation are capable of strengthening connections. And, new research has uncovered that recipients of emailed expressions of gratitude feel more “ecstatic” than expected—so you can save your stationary and instead send your prospects thank you notes directly to their inboxes. 


5.) Make Sure to Persevere!

Fun fact: Roughly half of sales professionals do not follow up with their prospects after initiating a single follow up.  

You may never know why you’re not hearing back from a prospect—they’re likely super busy, or maybe you’ve made contact at an inconvenient time—so it’s essential to keep following up, even if you feel like you’re being left on read.”

Stand Out from the Crowd by Saying Thnks!

In your efforts to strengthen your relationships with your prospects right off the bat, it’s essential to take a personalized approach while demonstrating that you appreciate their time and consideration. 

Saying Thnks to your potential partners will guarantee that they feel special, and will ensure that they continue to connect with both you and your business as the year progresses. 

Struggling to connect with your prospects? Thnks will help you ensure that you stand out in your potential partners’ cluttered inboxes in your efforts to build these relationships. In a matter of seconds, you can search for the perfect gesture, personalize a note, and send it off via SMS or email. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo, or click here to learn more about expressing gratitude in business!