Salesforce AppExchange Updates

December 13, 2023

Thnks Salesforce AppExchange Updates

Thnks is dedicated to making it easier for you to grow your business with gratitude, which is why we now offer an app on the Salesforce AppExchange v1.3 for our Enterprise users. The free Thnks Salesforce App allows you to track your team’s Thnks activity directly in Salesforce and create custom reports to analyze Thnks’ impact and ROI.

This app offers a way to track your utilization of Thnks and better understand the impact it is having within Salesforce. Available to Business and Enterprise plan levels, the Thnks Salesforce App offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities so that team leaders can measure the effectiveness of their team’s Thnks usage.



AppExchnage Highlights


Easy Install
The app is simple to install - once approved for organization-wide use by SFDC admins, the Thnks Salesforce App
supports individual and organization-wide connections. Once installed, the app provides enhanced and flexible
reporting to more accurately measure ROI.

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Thnks Tracking
Enabling the Thnks Salesforce App generates a Thnks Custom Object that connects at the Contact or Lead level,
matching up based on email address or phone number (if SMS). The Thnks object contains information on the Thnks name, cost, transaction date, redemption status, sender and recipient, messaging used, etc. You can track any Thnks sent from the web platform, mobile app, and Chrome/Edge extension.

Seamless Integration with Salesforce
Effortlessly connect the Thnks app with Salesforce, enabling sales and customer success teams to send appreciative gestures directly from their CRM. 

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Flexible Contact and Lead Matching
Greater control in associating Thnks activities with specific contacts or leads, ensuring accurate tracking and
personalized engagement.

Opportunity and Account Matching
Directly associate Thnks gestures with active sales opportunities and accounts, providing a strategic advantage in nurturing sales relationships.

Automated Task Completion
Option to automatically mark Thnks tasks as completed
upon sending, streamlining the user’s workflow.

Additional Features

additional features

Get started now by downloading the app on Salesforce AppExchange.


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