Product Updates: Vol. 3

September 20, 2022

SSO for Thnks • Multiple Payment Methods • Moving Balances Within an Org. Chart • and More!

Here are the latest updates to the Thnks platform to help you continue growing your business with gratitude!


SSO for Thnks

Thnks now offers single sign-on (SSO) for Enterprise teams. Thnks can connect with your organization’s identity provider to make it easy for you to manage your users’ access to Thnks. Reach out to your account manager or to learn more and begin setting up SSO for your organization. 

Early Access: Choose multiple payment methods

Coming soon, all teams on Enterprise plans will be able to set up multiple payment methods and choose from them at checkout. Admins will be able to set up a Balance, multiple Team Cards, and Personal Cards, and set one as the default payment method. Users will then be able to choose one of the enabled payment methods on the “Confirm your Thnks” page when sending a Thnks.

choosing payment method

For admins: You will be able to set up multiple payment methods on the Payment tab of the Admin interface under “Available Payment Methods”. You will also be able to title each method and add a note to let users know how the card should be used or any other information regarding the payment method that they need to know. 

choose team cards

Multiple payment methods will be live for all Enterprise teams this fall. If you are interested in getting early access to this feature, please reach out to your account manager. 

Choose if you want to pay with User Balance

You can now choose whether or not to use your User Balance toward a specific send. It also shows you the value you have in your User Balance directly on the Confirmation screen. This feature is available for users at any plan level. Learn more about User Balances here.

2022-09-12 12.39.25

See your scheduled Thnks costs next to your spend target

For Pro and Enterprise users who have a locked spend target, the cost of any scheduled Thnks is now shown next to the remaining spend target in the upper right corner of the home page. Now, you can easily keep track of how much you have left to spend each month including the Thnks that you have scheduled in advance. As a reminder, if you have a locked spend target and spend more than your "Free to Spend" (see image below) before your scheduled Thnks are sent, the scheduled Thnks will fail to send in order to keep you from exceeding your spend target.


Make your bulk sends carbon neutral

Thnks sent in a bulk send by a Pro or Enterprise user can be made carbon neutral through Thnks’ partnership with EcoCart. When scheduling a bulk send with your account manager, be sure to tell them that you’d like to make your Thnks carbon neutral!

Admin Updates:

Move balances within an org. chart

As a team admin, you can now move balances between users and teams with your org. chart. To move the balance from a team, click on “Balance Actions” and select “Move Balance” in the Balance section found within the Payment tab on the Admin interface. This feature gives you the ability to easily move funds to your other teams or directly to team user balances. Read this help article to learn more about how to move balances.

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