Product Updates: Vol. 2

July 20, 2022

Add Emojis to your Message β€’ Spend Targets & EcoCart on Mobile β€’ Adjustments to Plan Levels

Here are the latest updates to the Thnks platform to help you continue building your business with gratitude!


Add emojis to your Thnks message πŸ“£ 😁 πŸ’¬ πŸ“² πŸŽ‰ πŸ’™

Put some extra personality in your Thnks messages with emojis! ✨ Click the smile icon in the lower left corner of the message field on the "Add a personal touch" page to easily select and insert the perfect one into your message.


See your Spend Target on mobile 🎯

You can now view your spend target easily in the Thnks mobile app! It remains at the bottom of the home screen, Pick a Thnks screen, and Details screen so you know how much you have to spend to hit your target each month.

spend target

Be sure to update your mobile app to see all the latest features! 

EcoCart on mobile πŸƒ

You can now make Thnks sent from the mobile app carbon neutral through our partnership with EcoCart. On the Confirmation screen, select the check mark next to "Make this Thnks carbon neutral." Your contribution will go toward the conservation of over 8,000 acres and the protection of 40 species of wildlife that call central Tennessee's Doe Mountain home. Learn more about Thnks + EcoCart here.


Admin Updates:

Paying invoices by credit card πŸ’³

When you request an invoice within the payment tab, you can now choose to pay with ACH Bank Transfer or a credit card.


New organization chart view πŸ’»

See a condensed view of your team's org chart to more easily view a greater amount of information at once.

Regular Org. Chart View:reg view org chart

New Condensed Org. Chart View:
condense org chart

Adjustments to Thnks plan levels πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

As of July 6, 2022, Thnks is no longer offering the Free Team plan level to new users. This means that you will no longer see "Free Team" mentioned on our website or in our marketing communications. 

If you are on an existing Free Team account, please note that you are not affected by this change and you will continue to have access to the features you love, such as company branding, adding team members, and managing their Thnks spend limits.

If you are on a Free Team account and interested in upgrading to a Pro or Enterprise level account to receive additional features such as advanced analytics and reporting, international capabilities, and priority support, email and we will connect you with a sales rep for a live demo! 

Thnks now offers 3 plan levels! 

  • The Individual plan is totally free to sign up for and gives you full access to the Thnks catalog. It’s best for small businesses and individuals who want to spread gratitude with ease. 
  • The Pro plan lets you add team members, add your company logo and branding, and set budget and compliance guidelines for your team. With Pro, you have real-time analytics and reporting on your team’s Thnks, access to priority support, and the ability to send Thnks in bulk.
  • The Enterprise plan is our most powerful plan that gives you all the Pro features plus a dedicated account team, customizable Thnks templates and catalog options, and extended international capabilities.

If you have any questions, please visit for more information or reach out to us at

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