Product Updates: Vol. 1

June 9, 2022

Schedule Thnks for Later • My Thnks Page Improvements • Stripe Invoice Integration

Here are the latest updates to the Thnks platform to help you continue building your business with gratitude!

Schedule Thnks to Send Later

Never miss another birthday or work anniversary! You can now schedule your Thnks to be sent at a later date and time. On the confirmation page, just select “Schedule for later” and choose when to send your Thnks!


Pro Tip: The time you select is your time zone, not your recipient’s, so keep that in mind when scheduling for later! At the bottom of the confirmation page, above the “Schedule!” button, you can see exactly when your Thnks will be sent and you will be charged:Send Date and Time

Need more info? Check out this help article!

My Thnks Page
Improvements to the My Thnks Page

The My Thnks page now consists of three tabs: Send, Scheduled, and Received. We’ve made some improvements to the user interface on each tab, including updated icons for the redemption status of each Thnks.

The status icons now indicate if your Thnks is sent, opened, redeemed, undelivered, pending a refund, or has already been refunded. If you sent to multiple recipients, you can see the status of each individual Thnks in the order details sidebar (more on that next!).

  • Sent Thnks order details now open in a sidebar, instead of on a separate page. In those details, you can see time stamps for when the Thnks was sent, opened, and redeemed.Sent Thnks Status Time Stamps
  • Any Thnks you “schedule for later” will now show in the Schedule tab on the My Thnks page. You can also modify scheduled Thnks from within the Schedule tab, so that you can quickly change the message, the recipient email address, or pick a different date and time. When you select the Thnks, you’ll find an edit button next to each property on the sidebar.Edit Scheduled Thnks

View More Thnks on the Screen

Click on the Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 3.17.16 PM icons in the right corner of any category or search result to toggle between list view and grid view. The new grid view allows you to see more Thnks on the screen at once, so you can quickly compare and find the perfect gesture.

Toggle Views

Filter Thnks by Price
The Full Site Price Filter has Returned!

It’s back! Click on the Filter drop down on the homepage to sort and filter all Thnks by price.






Admin Update: Stripe Invoice Integration

Admins can now easily generate and download ACH invoices for team balance increases right from the Admin interface. Thnks accepts both ACH credit and debit payment methods.

Pay via Stripe

In the Admin interface, you can find a history of your requested invoices and their status by clicking the "View Invoices" button in the Payment tab.

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