Introducing Thnks Local

Thnks announces the release of Thnks Local, incorporating tens of thousands of small businesses nationwide into the company’s digital gratitude platform and mobile app. Thnks Local brings even greater personalization to the way gratitude is shared in business

Thnks, the leading B2B digital gratitude platform that empowers business professionals to build better relationships by sharing personalized gestures of appreciation, announced today the launch of Thnks Local. Aimed at bringing even greater personalization to the way that gratitude is shared in business, Thnks Local creates an opportunity to send gestures of appreciation to recipients right in their own neighborhood. Tens of thousands of new small businesses across the country are now accessible on the company’s gratitude platform from favorite coffee shops to restaurants, food trucks, ice cream parlors, bookstores, retail destinations and more. 

“Gratitude is only impactful if it’s personal. Our work at Thnks is centered on helping people create better relationships by sharing meaningful gestures of appreciation. What better way to do so than with something personalized to your recipient’s favorite local place. We’re thrilled to be able to extend an even greater array of options for Thnks users to choose from, while incorporating some of the most loved small businesses across the country into our platform,” said Brendan Kamm, CEO and Co-Founder, Thnks.  

Thnks Local ensures that whether you’re next door or a thousand miles away, your gesture of appreciation will be memorable. Popular gestures of gratitude include “A Coffee Break,” “A Night Off From Cooking,” “A Day of Pampering,” “A Round of Drinks,” and “A Literary Escape”, all from local venues close to where your contact lives and works. 

An easy and efficient way to spread thoughtfulness in the workplace, more than 7,500 teams - and 68 of the Fortune 500 companies - use Thnks to shorten sales cycles while improving client relationships, customer engagement and employee appreciation. Thnks’ mission is to leverage technology and the science of gratitude to help establish and strengthen relationships for the modern world through efficient, personalized, and thoughtful appreciation. The company has created a movement in workplaces nationwide with over 20,000 Thnks sent every week – helping business professionals improve their relationships through gratitude. 

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