Introducing the ThnkQ Score

At Thnks, we know a thing or two about the best ways to show gratitude. Over time, we’ve recognized that our users perform best at their jobs when they incorporate Thnks in a personalized and frequent way - it’s those small, consistent gestures that leave a lasting imprint on their clients and connections. That’s why we’re excited to release an innovative new feature for our Pro and Enterprise users called ThnkQ Score (TQ), which enables users to measure how well they share gratitude and thoughtfulness in the workplace. Just like an IQ or an EQ, a TQ - the skill of building strong relationships through gratitude - is a strong predictor of individual and business success. 

“Everything we do at Thnks is in alignment with a vision to empower business professionals to build better relationships through thoughtfulness and gratitude. In a rapidly transforming business environment, we know how important EQ, or emotional intelligence, is when it comes to communication. Gratitude is just as critical a component in how we form business relationships and create lasting alliances, that ultimately fuel our success,” said Brendan Kamm, Co-Founder and CEO of Thnks.

How does the ThnkQ Score work?

An individual’s TQ score is determined by their ability to send personalized, timely and relevant gestures of appreciation to clients and peers, with an emphasis on reciprocity and Thnks that are accepted and redeemed. For each Thnks a user sends, they have a chance to earn up to 100 TQ points. To maximize their TQ score, users need to spread gratitude frequently, use a variety of gestures, and personalize their messages to their recipients. 

Who doesn’t love a little competition? The TQ score can be reviewed by managers and team members in the TQ leaderboard, gamifying gratitude in a way that increases workplace engagement and collaboration across teams who can view each other’s success scores. 

Grow your Gratitude Tree

Expressing gratitude is a learned skill and it requires consistent practice to see the payoff in relationships. That’s why every time a user’s TQ score grows, so does their Gratitude Tree. Like any plant, the Gratitude Tree needs to be watered regularly, but in this case with showers of Thnks. Those small, frequent investments in relationships will help the Gratitude Tree grow from a tiny seed into a mighty oak. 

ThnkQ Score 4 Trees

The Gratitude Tree is a visual representation of the health and growth of their score, which means it not only grows as users’ send more Thnks, but it also can decay when a user goes through a dry spell. Going too long without “watering” your Gratitude Tree will cause a decrease in your TQ score and you’ll see that decay visualized on the Tree itself. But don’t worry, once a user gets back into the habit of gratitude, they’ll quickly see their Gratitude Tree return to full health.

Keep building the habit of gratitude

The TQ score brings professionals an awareness of how well they’re incorporating gratitude as a habit, while continually measuring that growth and success. One user says, “The ThnkQ Score is such an engaging way to help me and my team remember to send more Thnks and be creative with our gestures and messages. Seeing the Gratitude Tree grow gives me a nice visual to show I am doing well expressing my appreciation.” Read the press release to hear more from the Thnks team about the launch of the TQ Score.

ThnkQ Score is now available to all Pro and Enterprise level users on the Thnks browser platform as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps. We encourage our users to keep spreading gratitude with Thnks and watch their Gratitude Tree (and relationships) grow to new heights!