How to Thank Clients and Customers For Their Business

As we wrap up 2022, it’s the perfect time to spend some time reflecting on and recognizing the people that have helped you find success this year, especially those in client-facing roles.  Gratitude and appreciation are powerful tools that you can use to build stronger relationships and there is no better time to do that than during the holiday season! For more insight on how to best use gratitude and appreciation for the holidays, check out our previous blog on the Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Thnks.

Reflecting on the year coming to an end with a gratitude mindset allows us to remember the importance our clients play in driving success and safeguarding against failure. In fact, one of the top reasons customers and clients stop working with a business has nothing to do with the product - it’s because they don’t feel appreciated. Anytime is a great time to show gratitude, but it’s always timely during the holiday season to genuinely thank others for their partnership. In uncertain times perhaps timelier than ever. 

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips to help you spread goodwill and support client and customer relationships by sharing gratitude in a way that's memorable, meaningful and impression making:


Gestures don’t have to be grand.

Sometimes it's the small things that leave the biggest impression on people. A handwritten note or a cup of coffee from someone’s favorite local spot are both examples of thoughtful ways to facilitate sincere moments with a meaningful impact by paying attention to the details. Actively listen when your client talks about things they’re excited about, important dates, or areas of interest. An unexpected Thnks that leans into something they truly care about is a simple way to make a huge impact. Surprise and delight them


Focus on the value they bring your team, not the other way around. 

Client relationships are about so much more than the growth statistics and money involved. As you plug away delivering solutions for them, you may forget the fact that they’re also sharing their time and energy with you to help you create a better product and reach mutual goals. Without your clients, your business has no foundation. Be sure to remind them how much you value the ideas, energy, and collaboration they bring to the table.


Go genuine, not generic.

A thoughtful and personalized gesture of gratitude can help your clients feel closer and more connected to your business. Stronger connections, reinforced relationships and open communication are all benefits of extending a genuine gesture of gratitude. Be intentional about the reason behind wanting to express your gratitude, and be sure to thank them in a way they’d appreciate. This is where some basic active listening comes in handy. Pay attention to a problem, challenge, or need they have and give them something that will help them solve it (e.g. their dog is barking in the background on your zoom call, send them some puppy essentials so they can pamper that pup and give them a new chew toy so they’re occupied during your next call). Keep it fun, personal, and genuine and you’re sure to have a positive impact!


Remember not to send a “Thask” (Thnks + ask).

Now is not the time to ask about upcoming needs or plans or activities. Don’t use your thank you as an asking opportunity simultaneously. And definitely don’t gate-keep your gesture of appreciation, by requiring them to take a meeting with you or complete some other task in order to earn your gratitude. That’s kinda gross, and can ruin the genuineness. Save your ask for a later date after you’ve built additional rapport through sharing gratitude. 


Spread the love.

Most of the time it takes more than one person to drive success - it takes a team. Recognizing multiple individuals on the team is the best way to build a relationship that’s even stronger with your client. Too often more junior members of the team can be overlooked despite playing a vital role in getting the work done and achieving success. The more friends and champions you can build within your clients, the better your long term success will be, especially as people change roles over time. 


With the year coming to a close and the hopes that come along with a new one, it’s an ideal time to show gratitude and leverage reciprocity to positively impact your business. Clients and customers play a key role in organizational success, and by extending a thank-you, you can communicate your appreciation, acknowledgment of value and gratitude to them as we move forward into a new year. Doing so is sure to set you up for even greater success at your organization in 2023!

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