Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Thnks

If you know anything about Thnks, you’ll know it’s an incredible tool for spreading gratitude over the holidays. Maybe your first introduction to us was through a coworker’s “Thnks a Latte” or some other personalized gesture of appreciation. But you might not know all the ways Thnks can make your holiday appreciation more simple, impactful, and stress-free. 

To help you spread holiday cheer, here are our do’s and don’ts of sending Thnks this holiday season that are budget friendly while having a big impact:

Do: Send something personal.

Think about the best gift you’ve ever received. I’m sure, at least in part, its rank as your favorite had something to do with its sentimentality and proof that the person giving it to you really listened to and knew you well. Thnks enables you to personalize gestures of appreciation , selecting the perfect item from our catalog and adding a personal note. Thoughtfulness is the key to making your gesture have a big impact.

Don’t: Send the same generic logo mug.

We know it sounds tempting when your list is long and time is short to reach into the swag closet and grab some branded paraphernalia to send. But pause for a moment and think of the branded stuff (like coffee mugs) from other businesses you’ve already sent to the trash pile, or worse yet, are piling up in the back of one of your cabinets. Think of the mountain of logo pens that will never live up to your favorite. Skip the branded merchandise this year and opt for a personalized, timely gesture of gratitude instead.

Do: Include a genuine message.

Remember how as kids many of us would quickly rip through a gift, only for our parents to tell us to slow down and read the card first? As kids the note was not very important to us, but as adults sometimes the note is more important than whatever is being given. With Thnks you can add a genuine, heartfelt message to go along with what you’re sending.. We have templates available, but the more personalized, timely, and specific you can make your message the better. 

Don’t: Waste time gathering mailing addresses.

This can sometimes be the most dreaded part of holiday prep, and can ruin the surprise for your recipient. Rather than slaving over an Excel spreadsheet this year and awkwardly asking for mailing addresses, let Thnks do the work for you! All you need to send a Thnks is a recipient's email or mobile number. Many Thnks can be redeemed digitally with no shipping required. For those Thnks that need to be shipped, like cookies, chocolates, bottles of wine, etc…, once your recipient accepts the Thnks, they will fill out their preferred shipping address. They get a sweet surprise, and you get to kick your feet up.

Do: Support Local Businesses.

It doesn’t get much more personalized than a Thnks to your favorite local spot. With Thnks Local, you can send gestures of appreciation to recipients right in their neighborhood through items like “A Coffee Break,” “A Night Off From Cooking,” or “A Day of Pampering.” Just send your Thnks with the option for your recipient to pick where they’d like to redeem, then they can choose their favorite small businesses from hundreds of options nearby!

Don’t: Stress over packaging.

Don’t waste time and energy focusing on something people are just going to recycle anyway. Let Thnks do the hard work for you! Every Thnks is either digitally redeemable or sent in its original festive packaging right from the vendor. Whether it’s a holiday cheese board or an espresso martini kit, Thnks has you covered. 

Don’t: Wait until the last minute.

Did you know you can schedule your holiday Thnks to be sent at a later date and time? On the confirmation page, just select “Schedule for later” and choose when to send your Thnks! This is great for planning your individual gestures of gratitude and one of a kind bulk sends ahead of time. Schedule your holiday appreciation today and allow your future self to have more time enjoying the season instead of last minute sending. 

With these tips, you can cut down on holiday stress and focus your time on nurturing the relationships that make this time of year worthwhile. Happy holidays!

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