A Realtor’s Roadmap to Success Through Relationship Building

Whether it is a young adult’s first apartment or a newlywed couple’s first house, purchasing a home is a major milestone in anyone’s life. Understanding how exciting, and often intimidating, this process can be is key for real estate agents who hope to make a lasting impression on their clients and build genuine relationships. Melyn Yaklin at Sotheby International Realty says "Using Thnks has been an absolute breeze and a huge asset for keeping us top of mind with our clients.” That’s why we’ve put together this useful real estate roadmap to use Thnks every step of the way, and ensure that your clients know your dedication and commitment to their satisfaction on their home buying journey.

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Make a lasting first impression.

First impressions can make or break relationships with potential clients which is why relationship building is so crucial from the start. During this prospecting stage of getting your name out there, pitching to new clients, and targeting certain buildings or neighborhoods, Thnks has you covered with a “Berry Nice to Meet You” treat. Just by sending a new contact a coffee or delicious treat, you can really stand out among other realtors in the area by showing how much you care.

The first time you sit down with a client, whether it’s the buyer or the seller, you should show them your personality and demonstrate your vision for buying or selling their home. Show how committed you are to moving the process along by sending a “Let’s Taco Soon Lunch” after the initial consultation to show them you are engaged and open to giving them as much of your time as possible. 

Personalize the sale process. 

Knowing how personal the journey of purchasing a new home can be, it is crucial as a realtor to express that a client’s wins are just as important as your own. Loan pre-approval is a huge deal, especially for first time buyers, and sending a “Congrats Cappuccino” can go a long way. 

Shopping around for new homes is often the most exciting part of the real estate process and a time that buyers can really start to picture themselves in a new home. Show your client how excited you are for them by sending them an Uber ride to a first showing. This is also a great time to show your appreciation for the rest of the team that helped make the showing possible, like your interior designer or other agents that you’re partnered with. The practice of relationship building is not only relevant to the agent-client relationship. Sending your colleagues a “Thnks a Latte” is a great and easy way to maintain strong relationships with your co-workers.  

Make the process communicative and trustworthy. 

Although parts of the selling or buying process can be really exciting, other parts can be just as nerve-wracking for clients and difficult to power through. All the more reason to keep your client’s spirits high during the negotiation and document signing stage by sending over “a cup of ‘PositiviTea.’’ Now is also the opportunity to thank those who work on behalf of your client, like the appraiser and inspectors, for all of their hard work with a simple yet thoughtful “Thnks For All You Do.” 

Your client will see that it’s all been worth it once they close on their dream home. Express your excitement and happiness for them by sending over a bottle of champagne with a congratulatory note.

Continue the relationship after closing. 

To go above and beyond, keep up with your contact even after you’ve closed the deal. Sending over last minute moving essentials for moving day or a dinner for the family on the one year anniversary in their new home shows that you care and encourages them to refer you to other family or friends of theirs who may also be looking to sell or buy a home. Yaklin says “we have set up automated birthday gift cards that get emailed to each of our clients on their birthdays. We've received great feedback and our clients really appreciate being thought of on their birthdays!”

Finally, show your appreciation for clients who refer you to others by treating them to lunch at their favorite local spot. These kinds of gestures that aren’t necessarily required when performing business are what will make you stand out from the rest of the competition and make you feel better about how you conduct business on a daily basis. As Yaklin states “I highly recommend adding this touch to your marketing budget, it is a simple yet meaningful way to keep your clients close."


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