Tips for Saying Thnks All Summer Long

Summer travels are in the works, and whether you are working from home still or planning extra time off this summer, the importance of showing gratitude should not get pushed to the back of your mind. It is now more than ever that we should be connecting and reconnecting to stay engaged in our relationships as distractions multiply. 

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our top tips to help make a habit of gratitude something that stays with you all summer long.

1) Leverage technology to show gratitude on the go

With so many ways to contact each other, leveraging technology in the workplace as well as a communication technique is a key part of how we do business today. Being mindful of how you are communicating virtually has become part of others’ perception of you- therefore showing gratitude virtually is also a must. As a key part of how we build relationships, it should be a habit for our virtual communication and technology makes it easy to do so. 

By downloading the Thnks app, you can seamlessly send tokens of appreciation to anyone from anywhere- all you need is their email address or phone number. As we all begin to travel more and spend some of the warmer summer months outdoors, being able to send from mobile keeps things convenient. Pick the token you would like to send, add a thoughtful note, and Thnks will handle the rest.

2) Personalize your token of appreciation and make it timely

By personalizing your token of gratitude, you are showing the person that you care about them and their interests. Take a moment to ask yourself what you know about that person. Do they have pets? Any kids? Have you heard them talk about their favorite lunch spot or coffee order? Maybe they have a summer family reunion planned and could use a margarita kit? Be sure to also include the recipient’s name, and get specific with the message you send with it. This will make them feel like you are truly listening to them when you interact, and make the token much more genuine. 

A few of our most popular thoughtful gestures to stay top of mind right now for summer include sending an ice cream treat, cooler essentials or a garden patch spritz kit. Working with someone that’s a dad? An Ultimate BBQ Bundle is a surprising token of gratitude that will be sure to make an impression. 

3) Send an experience

It’s summertime and people are excited to be out and about in the sun again. Send someone an experience with Thnks. Have a client that loves to entertain at home? Consider sending a happy hour kit. A music lover? Send them a summer hits playlist from Spotify. Experiences make strong memories that are meaningful and memorable. They’re sure to stick with the recipient for a long time and create a positive connection with the giver. 

5) Pay it forward to others that have given Thnks to you

Taking time out of the day to show gratitude can be a simple task when using Thnks, but the thought is really what counts. When someone thinks of you and wants to show gratitude- there should be a chain reaction that happens. Showing gratitude is proven to change your brain, according to a study. Gratitude increases brain activity on how our actions affect other people, creating more positive reactions and in turn spreading positivity. Strengthening your gratitude muscle shows others appreciation, creates a positive company culture, and strengthens your overall emotional intelligence. 

Saying Thnks this summer can help you show gratitude and help employees feel more comfortable and valued transitioning back to normal life. Within seconds, you can show them your appreciation by searching for a Thnks, personalizing a note, and sending it off via SMS or email. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo, or click here to learn more about expressing gratitude in business!