5 Steps to Mastering the Art of Prospecting with Gratitude

How do you feel when your clients take the time to appreciate the work you are doing for them?

You most likely feel a sense of pride and confidence which naturally motivates you to work even harder for them. Yet when it comes to the sales/buyer relationship, only 3% of prospects trust salespeople making it extremely tough to establish any form of relationship. If that’s not enough, 68% of existing customers leave because they believe the business does not care about them.

So how do top sales performers drive revenue growth consistently turning prospects into happy long term clients?

Renowned sales trainer Jeff Gitomer said, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win”. Appreciation is the foundation of building those strong ties promoting mutual gratitude which is 40% responsible for creating happiness in loyal clients. In the long run, consistent appreciation transforms prospects into happy clients that repeatedly use your services boosting revenue by as much as six to seven times.

To build exceptional relationships one must make that a priority over making their sales goal. Each engagement is an opportunity to establish trust and build a connection. Here are 5 steps you can take to build better relationships.

1. Really listen to their needs

70% of clients are willing to spend more on a product or service with outstanding long term support. Your words and actions determine if you are trustworthy enough to meet their needs for the long haul.

This is why top salespeople use active listening which helps to build credibility from the get-go and displays their genuine interest in ensuring their prospects success is your success.

Being fully present when talking to them gives them the initial security that you truly understand their business and the challenges they are faced with. Once they know you understand then, that becomes the gateway for more information and the more intelligence you have the better you will be able to provide solutions that can help.

2. Use a friendly speaking tone when communicating

Considering you only have 7 seconds to make a first good impression, every moment counts. When engaging with prospects, 38% of effective communication is the tonality of your voice and 55% is body language.

Aim to modulate your voice with high and low tones with an emphasis on certain words to make you compelling and interesting. In addition, using words of appreciation and a friendly tone will send the signal that you are upbeat, warm, and empathetic.

3. Adapt to their preferences

Putting yourself in prospects’ shoes will help you recognize and appreciate their needs. This means knowing specifics of what their business objectives are and how you can help. Taking the time to truly understand their business goals will let them know that their success comes first to you.

4. Exceed their expectations With surprise and delight

Research shows that the element of surprise is a human need that will naturally increase happiness. If prospects connect you to that feeling of happiness they will be excited to do business with you. The trick is to create memorable moments and gestures that are authentic and personal.

To maximize the benefits of surprise, take the time to think of personalized gestures of appreciation that you can send throughout the year. When you give something that is practical and speaks to their interests, you’re more likely to get a “Wow!” reaction.

It can be as simple as sending a prospect a free Uber ride on a rainy day or comfort food when you know they are under the weather. Whatever you decide to choose, the main idea is to show your appreciation in a personalized and relevant way to build trust from the beginning.

5. Be prospects biggest fan

Supporting your prospects companys’ success is one of the best ways to show you truly care and appreciate their business. When they tell you about a big milestone or achievement, make sure you recognize it. Think about sending a note to their boss letting them know how great they are and that you really enjoy working with them.

To summarize

There’s no doubt that mastering the art of appreciation takes practice to perfect but in the end, it can lead you to some big wins. Using strategies like active listening and creating excitement with surprise will show prospects that their success is your main priority. Keep letting them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them.

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