Reasons To Say Thank You

What’s one of, if not the most common ways people describe a job they don’t like? Thankless. The same goes for help and support. That’s right, no matter the circumstances, everyone seems to agree that the worst outcome for giving your time to something or someone is to never be properly thanked for your hard work. Saying “thank you” is such a valuable and essential part of any relationship, but sadly in our busy world, it often falls by the wayside. Receiving thanks is such a wonderful and satisfying thing, and we all know it. So why don’t we always give the thanks that others deserve? Is it that we don’t care? Hopefully no. Do we just forget how important it can be? Maybe. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming task of finding the “correct” way to express thanks. Let’s talk about some of the things in life that deserve a “thank you”, and some ways to show just how thankful you are.

Reasons to Say Thank You

There are a million little reasons to say thank you each and every day. But when something has truly made a difference, it’s time to show your gratitude in a meaningful way.

Thank You for Your Help

When someone offers help of any kind, personally or professionally, it’s a wonderful gesture. Think back on all the greatest accomplishments of your life. Chances are someone had to help you get there, and if they don’t deserve a big thank you, who does?

Thank You For Your Time

Time is of the essence. Time is money. Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have to give. It’s easy to forget that. So any time someone has given their time to you, it’s important to say thank you.

Thank You For Your Business

A great business relationship is worth a thousand words, and at least two of those words should be “thank you”. When you truly value your working relationship it’s always important to make it known.

Thank You For Your Support

When someone in our lives has our back it means the world. Saying thank you to a person in your life who has supported you may not always be at the forefront of our minds, but oftentimes their support has made all the difference.

Thank You For Being You

Not all thank you’s must be preceded by a great sacrifice. Sometimes it’s good to remind the people who matter to you most that you are thankful for them. Period.

Thank You Letters

While simply saying the words “thank you” is a great place to start, it may not be enough to fully express your gratitude. Writing a personalized letter can be daunting, but speaking from the heart can truly show someone how much they matter to you. Stock up on thank you note cards that are just your style so you can always be ready to send a personalized touch.

Thank You Gestures

They say it’s better to give than to receive, but that doesn’t make receiving a thank you gesture any less meaningful. Finding a gesture, big or small, that you know someone will enjoy is a fantastic way to show gratitude.

One Venti Caffe Latte and One Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie from Starbucks

An easy and delicious way to say thank you is also a Thnks best-seller! A tasty treat is a tried and true way to say thank you.

Penrose Hill Mixed Wine Bundle

Can’t decide on the perfect bottle of wine to say “thanks” with? Why not send them all! A mixed wine bundle from Penrose Hill takes this classic thank you gesture to a whole new level, offering variety to those you are grateful to.

Coffee for the Office

Need to say “thank you” to your whole office? It’s easier done than said when you treat the office to coffee. Give everyone the pick-me-up they crave and deserve.

Thank You Experiences

Saying thank you doesn’t have to stop at cards or flowers. There is a whole world out there full of experiences that people don’t often treat themselves to that make amazing thank you’s. Whether it’s brunch on you, a ticket to an exciting event, or perhaps an upgrade to an existing plan, the expression of an experience is a great one.

An Uber Ride

What’s better than a ride home? A ride home from a car service! Say “thanks” by covering an Uber ride, an easy and appreciated way to show your gratitude.

Movie Tickets For Two

Say “thank you” with a trip to the movies! By giving tickets for two you not only show your gratitude but give the recipient a chance to pay it forward and bring someone they would like to thank as well. Everyone has someone they’d love to thank!

Sephora Custom Makeover

A little pampering for the makeup lovers in your life, or perhaps the makeup novices, can be a wonderful way to say “thank you”. Sephora is full of every trick, treatment, and treat in the makeup book, and their beauty experts can walk your guest thru it all in a one-on-one customized makeover.

While it may seem overwhelming to try to find the perfect way to say thank you, in reality, it’s as simple as can be. The trick is that there is no wrong way to do it. Saying thank you can be as simple as a note, or as elaborate as a trip around the world, and everything in between. It all depends on what you feel, and how you choose to express it. You can’t get saying thanks wrong, but there are so many ways to get it right.


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