Build Your Book of Business with Gratitude

We tend to consider gratitude within the context of close personal relationships. Gestures of appreciation are understood and practiced as genuine and thoughtful ways for us to show how grateful we are for the people we love, but who’s to say that gestures like these have to be limited to personal relationships? At Thnks, we strongly believe that there should be space for these kinds of actions and efforts in a professional setting as well. 

There is immeasurable value in emphasizing relationship building in your business endeavors. Especially in sales, which is often associated with insincere gestures in the hopes of closing a deal, making a genuine effort to show your appreciation for someone is sure to stand out. Simply taking the time to show your gratitude for the people you work with can go a long way and set you apart from competitors in your field. 

In a recent interview with SalesHacker, Thnks CEO Brendan Kamm spoke on how to build a book of business to carry through your sales career by building internal and external relationships. Kamm stressed the importance of building relationships internally by asking difficult questions, staying transparent, and working with gracious people. When it comes to building relationships Kamm said, “be courageous, get out there, and build those relationships that are going to make you better, and know that you are always learning.” 

An important component to successful relationship building is showing gratitude repeatedly over time. Genuine and meaningful relationships aren’t built overnight, so it’s important to put in the effort required to reap the benefits of showing appreciation in your professional life. 

Below are some tips and insights on ways to leverage gratitude in your business relationships in ways that are both sustainable and beneficial to your career in the long-run. 

Don’t overlook those who help make connections.

Business relationships often start with a referral, but those that make that initial connection can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Try to show your appreciation for people who refer leads by going beyond the routine thank you email. Sending a sweet treat or a cup of coffee is much more memorable and can help forge a long-lasting relationship. 

It’s also essential to establish a mutual relationship with referral sources by sending over contacts that might be of interest to them. This kind of symbiotic relationship building is what will lead to meaningful professional relationships and ultimately a strong and vast network. 

Think long-term and check in consistently 

It’s easy and somewhat commonplace to show your gratitude at the beginning of a business relationship. In order to truly stand out, it’s important to periodically send tokens of appreciation to show just how much thought and energy you are dedicating to the relationship. 

By doing this even just once or twice a year, you can effectively stay on someone’s radar as well as differentiate yourself from your competitors. A simple bottle of wine or household item with a thoughtful note is sure to make a stronger impression than a follow-up email or phone call.

Use your time wisely

Thnks makes relationship building as simple and easy as possible by streamlining the way you grow and strengthen your network. Don’t waste time with inefficient methods of showing your appreciation! Sure, some clients and prospects can be taken out to dinner or for a coffee, but you can’t do that with everyone. Use your time wisely to show appreciation even when distance or virtual work environments prohibit in-person encounters. Our platform provides both in-office and on-the-go capabilities to make sure no small gesture of gratitude is left behind.

To learn more strategies for leveraging gratitude - particularly in sales - download our most recent ebook: 7 Tactics to Move Prospects through Your Pipeline Faster with Gratitude. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo, or click here to learn more about expressing gratitude in business!