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Success stories

Oh boy, I’m hooked! This is awesome, especially since it’s been crazy for some of my clients this week, it’s a nice way to say “thank you”!. I’ve sent Starbucks coffee to three special clients! Wow, is this easy!! Thank you.

Judy Weber,
Strategic Program Manager at Travel Leaders

Thnks has already had a strong impact. I had a client who cancelled a meeting with me so I sent him a gift hoping to reschedule. He responded immediately saying he really appreciated the thought, and I ended up winning the meeting back!

Suzanne Reimer,
Director of Brand Marketing at automotiveMastermind

I just had my colleague send a gift via Thnks and she loved it! So easy. It was a bottle of wine to one of our clients for getting married! Thnks and I'll keep spreading the word.

Jordana Held,
Director of Customer Growth at Tubular Labs

I just sent my first THNKS gift! You’re right. It’s so easy. I met this am with a jetlagged client and the “pick me up” package from Starbucks was the perfect thing. The branding of the gifts is awesome. I also got an immediate response thanking me and saying she wants to invite me out to socialize with her colleagues...

Jonathan Mason
VP Business Development at David Feldman Worldwide

I love that Thnks lets me personalize the gift and message I send. I’ve had so many awesome responses from clients saying they love the gift I’ve sent. Thnks lets me show I care about their business and our partnership and I have a unique touchpoint that they remember me by.

Patrick Mulvihill
VP Business Development, Dashride

Thnks for teams

Manage your team

Use the Thnks Admin Panel to invite new users, edit or disable existing users, set budgets and approve gifts available for the team.

Brand your gifts

Add your company name and logo to every gift sent, and work with our gifting intelligence team to customize your gift options within Thnks.

Track your team's activity

Receive real-time analytics on team spend, gift-type and frequency, and track the status of each gift to see when they've been delivered and received.

Gift partners

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