Holiday Thnks Guide

Choose from the menu below to view a selection of holiday Thnks in these curated guides! Reach out to our team of gratitude specialists by sending an email to to start planning your holiday appreciation with Thnks.

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*Items will be available to send on Thnks from 11/7 onwards. Items are subject to change based on availability. Items may also not be available to send for certain teams depending on their compliance rules.

Budget-Friendly Thnks

Want to say Thnks to all of your customers or employees this holiday season without breaking the bank? 

A little gratitude can go a long way, even if you are on a tight budget. Thnks enables you to build the connections and relationships today that will lead you to success tomorrow! Here are a few small, thoughtful, digital Thnks that can still leave a big impact with your recipients.

message ideas for employee appreciation

Bundled Thnks

Can’t decide on just one thing to send? You can select one of our pre-curated holiday options or create the perfect customized gesture by bundling two or more Thnks together. You can even bundle holiday Thnks with a donation on their behalf in the spirit of giving this season. Connect with our account management team to build your own custom bundle!

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Eco Thnks

With all of the packaging, events, and travel that accompany the holiday season, it is important to ensure that we are helping to neutralize our carbon footprints. Sending a carbon offset with Thnks or selecting a Thnks from our eco-friendly category is a thoughtful gesture that helps the environment while spreading gratitude.

carbon offset holiday message


Want to send them a memorable experience to keep you at the top of their mind all year long? Experiences are a great way to help your contacts enjoy some much needed time away this holiday season.

holiday experiences message

Holiday Events

Stay top of mind during their holiday celebrations with a Thnks they can enjoy for their company party or other fun event!

holiday events message

Charitable Thnks

Want to show your appreciation with an act of kindness? In the spirit of the holidays, make a charitable donation on your recipient’s behalf to a charity of their choosing.

Charity Message

International Thnks

Are your clients, prospects, or employees located around the world? Not a problem - Thnks has many options for you to show gratitude to someone in the UK, Canada, and other international locations. Reach out to our gratitude specialists at for more info on sending Thnks internationally!

Canada & United Kingdom

holiday cheeseboard-1

A Holiday Cheeseboard

C$120.40 | £78.40

This basket includes a wooden spoon, cutting board, dipping dish, apricot jam cookies, fig jam, olive oil & sea salt crackers, summer sausage, Italian grissini, & more!

Other International

holiday thnks images (2)

The Breakfast Box

Prices Vary by Country

Available in 30 countries: This basket includes ground coffee, chocolate covered raisins, gourmet cookies, and Nutella! Ask the account management team for for more details.

Other International

wine and cheese basket overseas

A Wine and Cheese Basket

Prices Vary by Country

Available in 22 countries: This basket includes a bottle of Chardonnay, imported cheese, and gourmet crackers. Ask the account management team for more details.

Happy New Year

Ring in 2023 with gratitude! Stay top of mind with your contacts in the new year by sending them a celebratory Thnks!

NYE Uber ride

A NYE Uber Ride


Help someone arrive safely and in style to any of their New Year's Eve plans with an Uber credit.

holiday thnks images (3)

The Sugarfina Champagne Candy Trio


Cheer to the new year with a trio of Sugarfina champagne infused candies: champagne bears, champagne bubbles, and bubbly bears.

happy new year
New Year's 2023 Category

Pop in with some appreciation from our New Year's category!

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