Sending Gifts

How does my recipient redeem their gift?

  • All you need to send a gift is your recipient’s email or phone number.
  • Your gift will be sent instantly to your recipient where they can accept in one click, with no app download or account creations needed.
  • For gifts like Starbucks coffee, Panera Bread bagels, Chipotle Lunch and Krispy Kreme Donuts your recipient will be given a barcode that they can scan in-store to redeem their gift at their convenience.
  • For other gifts which involve a physical delivery, including liquor, wine, snacks and curated gift boxes, your recipient will be prompted to input their preferred address, and their gift will be sent straight to their door!
  • Your recipient will also have the option to donate the value of your gift to a charity of their choice if they prefer.

Can I send gifts via social media or through my business or personal email?

In addition to being able to send gifts instantly via email and SMS, you can now also use the Thnks mobile app to send gifts via Twitter directly. Your gift will be sent instantly as a Twitter DM.

We have also recently launched a Google Chrome extension to allow you to send a gift directly from your email. In 2019 we will be launching an Outlook extension.

Do Thnks gifts expire?

Once opened, Thnks gifts will never expire so that you can redeem your gift at any future point in time. However, Thnks gifts that remain unopened after 30 days will be expired and refunded back to the sender.

Can I send the same gift to multiple recipients?

  • While we are all about personalization, we also recognize that some days you just need to reach out to 20 people quickly, and we want to make this as easy as possible for you. Thnks allows you to send a gift to as many recipients as you would like. There is no limit, and it works just like an email bcc.
  • You will have the choice of creating personalized messages for each individual recipient, or just sending one mass-message for all recipients. Please note we also have gift options that you can send to an individual for them to share with their team or a group e.g.¬†“Coffee For The Team: 10 grande cafe lattes for your whole team to enjoy!”You can find these gifts under our “For The Team” category.

Do Thnks gifts work outside of the US?

Currently, only certain Thnks gifts are redeemable outside of the US. If you are sending a gift to a client oversees, feel free to get in touch so we can check for gift availability in your recipient’s location. We are working to expand our gift availability internationally.

Can I customize my gifts with my company branding?

Thnks can build custom gift templates with your company colors, logo and branding, as well as curate custom gift options and categories that best suit your workflow.