Receiving Gifts

How do I redeem a Thnks?

  • You can accept your Thnks in one click, with no app download or account creations needed.
  • For Thnks like Starbucks coffee, Panera Bread bagels, Chipotle Lunch and Krispy Kreme Donuts you will be given a barcode that you can scan in-store to redeem your Thnks at your convenience.
  • For other Thnks which involve a physical delivery, including liquor, wine, snacks and curated boxes, you will be prompted to input your preferred address, and your Thnks will be sent straight to your door!
  • You will also have the option to donate the value of your Thnks to a charity of your choice if you prefer.

Do Thnks expire?

Once opened, Thnks will never expire so that you can redeem your Thnks at any future point in time. However, Thnks that remain unopened after 30 days will be expired and refunded back to the sender.