About Thnks

What is Thnks?

  • Thnks is a relationship building application that lets you send timely, relevant and thoughtful gestures of appreciation to strengthen your relationships.
  • The most powerful tool you have for creating success is to appreciate others: simple considerate gestures like saying thank you have the power to completely change another person’s perspective.
  • Thnks is personalized to the recipient and delivered instantly via email or SMS.
  • Recipients can accept their Thnks seamlessly with no app install or account creation needed on their end.

Who Should use Thnks?

  • Anyone can use Thnks! Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, salesperson, marketer, or simply a human that wants to show your appreciation, Thnks will help you to form stronger connections through thoughtful gratitude.
  • Thnks is geared towards sales professionals to provide them with a better way of reaching out and staying top of mind with clients or prospects- instead of sending yet another branded coffee mug or fruit basket, send something personal to show your appreciation. Thnks cuts through the clutter, gives you an edge over the competition, and ultimately helps you close more deals more quickly…all by building stronger business relationships.
  • Thnks also provides managers (sales, finance, compliance, HR) with more control over, and transparency into their team’s activity and overall expenses. We provide real-time analytics dashboards and well as budget/controls for compliance adherence.

What types of items are on Thnks?

  • We have curated thousands of Thnks and categorized them by key use cases and reasons for reaching out
  • Thnks range from $5 – $100+ including everything from a simple cup of coffee or box of donuts, to experiential items like movie tickets and Uber rides, to more premium options like small-batch liquor or personalized pampering boxes.
  • All Thnks are delivered instantly via email or text message. With digital Thnks like coffee from Starbucks or lunch from Panera Bread, recipients will be given a barcode that they can simply scan in-store. With Thnks that require physical delivery, like snack boxes or bottles of liquor, recipients will be prompted to enter their preferred address, and their Thnks will be sent straight to them.
  • Here are just some of retailers/services on our platform: Starbucks, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Krispy Kreme, Wicked Good Cupcakes, Uber, GrubHub, Fandango, Sephora. Thnks also has a direct integration with Amazon where users can search for and send anything available on Amazon through Thnks.

What are the benefits of Thnks?

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Move more prospects through your pipeline
  • Increase customer retention
  • Re-engage lapsed leads
  • Stay top of mind with customers
  • Recognize a customer’s birthday, anniversary, successes, etc.
  • Reward and recognize your peers
  • Increases your own performance and productivity
  • Deepen and improve your business relationships

How Do I Use Thnks?

Thnks is a simple technology that helps you strengthen your business relationships through the giving and receiving of instant gestures of appreciation.

We have curated thousands of Thnks for any occasion- everything from a simple cup of coffee to thank someone you have recently met with for their time, an Uber ride to surprise a top prospect on a cold morning, or a premium bottle of liquor to celebrate a new partnership.

To send your first gift:

  1. Browse our curated categories or use the search bar to find something specific
  2. Choose your contacts- you can connect your phone and email contacts to easily find people in your network. You can also send the same gift to multiple recipients at a time.
  3. Write your personalized message- you can check out our pre-populated messages suggestions on key Thnks for some inspiration.
  4. Confirm and send!
  5. Your gift will be sent instantly to your recipient where they can accept in one click, with no app download or account creations needed.

For Thnks like Starbucks coffee, Panera Bread bagels, Chipotle Lunch and Krispy Kreme Donuts your recipient will be given a barcode that they can scan in-store to redeem their gift at their convenience.

For other Thnks which involve a physical delivery, including liquor, wine, snacks and curated gift boxes, your recipient will be prompted to input their preferred address, and their gift will be sent straight to their door!

Can I have multiple Thnks accounts?

  • You can have as many Thnks accounts as you would like, and easily switch between them from the “Switch Account” button in your profile on the Thnks mobile app.
  • That way, you can have a business account that is tied to your work address with your company logo included in Thnks you send from that account, as well as a separate account with your personal email address so that you can send Thnks to your friends and family too!
  • You can have a different form of payment attached to each Thnks account you create. You can add payment to a specific account from the payment section in your profile.

Is there a minimum monthly spend required on Thnks?

No we don’t require a minimum spend to use the Thnks platform.

Can I put my company logo on my Thnks?

Yes, you can when you sign on to the Pro or Enterprise Plans.

Can the Thnks items be branded?

We do have certain Thnks you can customize with your company logo, and this is included under the enterprise plan.

Can you inventory our branded swag and add it to your platform?

Unfortunately, that is not something we are offering at this time.

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