Cheers! The Gift of Alcohol to Lift Someone’s Spirits

Alcohol is a perfect gift and works for almost every occasion! Whether it is beer, wine, or liquor, there is an option for everyone! The gift of alcohol is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, but it is important to understand what to send in a business context.  When gifting alcohol, stick with well known products – there is a greater chance the recipient will love it. Sending just-the-right bottle of alcohol will show your added thoughtfulness, which will surely lift their spirits!

Send your selected bottle directly to your recipient’s door via the ‘concierge’: Your recipient will get a gift code from Drinkeasy and your drink concierge will take it from there! Skip the guesswork of buying the right spirit for your corporate clients and let the Drinkeasy concierge do all the work. They will help each person decide on the perfect small batch liquor to meet their tastes, making for a thoughtful and personalized gift without all the fuss. Gifting alcohol can be a tricky thing. Let’s spell it out for you!

For the Boss

Show your gratitude with a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon! We know gifting alcohol to your boss can be tricky, but this bottle will surely make a positive impression! Rule of thumb; don’t be cheap. Hudson Baby Bourbon will last much longer than the first day you open it. Every time your boss reaches for a glass of it— they will be thanking you! Surely a great way to stay top of mind.

For a Client

Gift to impress! Express your gratitude to your loyal, top-performing client with A Mixed Wine Bundle from Penrose Hill because where would you be without them? It’s always a good idea to show clients your gratitude. Make it personal! The message attached should make your client feel just as special as their business is to you.

For Birthdays/Celebrations

Keep it light and friendly! Show your appreciation with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label. The perfect strong yet silky champagne! Have you ever wondered why champagne is popped at every celebration? The bubbly, light-colored wine has historically been associated with luxury and the parties of the royal courts and aristocracy of Europe.

For a Housewarming

Give them something can use more than once! The Cocktail Shaker Bar Set will make a great addition to their new house and to their housewarming party! Stainless steel bar set with a professional shaker, built in strainer, double size measurement jigger tool, twisted bar spoon, and recipe guide.This cocktail shaker becomes an amazing ‘party trick.’ Surprise your guests with your new cocktail making stills!

Written by: Lauren Reimer, Marketing at Thnks

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Coffee. The roasted, sometimes sweet, often creamy, and caffeinated kick that keeps the world turning. The origins of coffee date back as far as the 10th century, and its history is full of legends. Some of the earliest stories talk of animals that are seen eating strange berries of an unknown plant and suddenly having unusual amounts of energy. Humans took one look and said, “I want some of that too!”. For many coffee is a ritual, a necessary part of each and every day. Even if you yourself are not a regular coffee drinker there are most likely plenty of people in your workplace that are. It can be tricky to find the perfect gift in a professional setting, and taking note of the habits and passions of those you work with can only help make the decision easier. So if you are looking to give a gift of thanks, a holiday hello, a birthday bonus, or a spur of the moment surprise to a coffee loving coworker in your life, you have come to the right place.

Starbucks Coffee For The Week

The ultimate gift for any coffee lover is (drum roll please) coffee! Treat any coffee fan you know to a week of Starbucks coffee on you and they’ll be over the moon. This gift works for an individual or order more and treats everyone on your list. You will be fueling their whole week and they won’t forget it any time soon.

A Cold Brew Maker and Tea Infuser

Cold brew is all the rage at every cafe out there, so what wannabe barista wouldn’t love to make their own at home? The cold brew maker allows anyone to make this strong, ice cold drink all on their own. If you see someone at work who always has an iced drink in their hand this may be just what they’d love. And while it may seem blasphemous to worshipers of the coffee gods, they can also infuse their own tea!

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Keep those hot coffees hot and those cold brews cold with a temperature control mug from Ember. Perfect for a coffee drinking coworker who likes to savor their morning cup, not chug it down as fast as they can. Give the gift of a perfect a drink, no matter how long it takes to enjoy it.

Krispy Kreme Coffee and Doughnuts

Take the morning up a notch with coffee and coffee’s best friend- doughnuts! Krispy Kreme doughnuts are famous for melting in your mouth. A perfect sweet treat to take your coworker’s coffee from a morning habit to a special occasion that shows you care.

Dunkin’ Coffee For The Month

Looking to go above and beyond with a gift for coffee cohorts? Get a whole month of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee and make their day, every day! Dunkin Doughnuts coffee is a favorite amongst commuters everywhere, so if you’ve seen someone around the office with their daily Dunkin’, this may just be their cup of tea… or more accurately, coffee!

The MiniPresso GR

Not all coffee aficionados want to go out for their morning cup of joe. A MiniPresso grinder lets you make your own perfect drink at home using the beans you love the most. A great gift for anyone at work with more exotic and gourmet coffee tastes, you won’t have to worry about getting their blend wrong.

A Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A stylish and portable way to show a caffeinated connoisseur you care, this vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug lets you take your drink to go without worrying about leaks or losing temperature. Just the right gift for all those who are constantly on the go. Give this mug to anyone you’ve seen leaving half-finished drinks all over the place because they have to rush off to the next meeting.

Werther’s Caramel Coffee Candies

A fun alternative coffee themed treat is Werther’s Original Caramel Coffee Hard Candies. The classic yummy candies in a coffee flavor give a sweet coffee fix anywhere, anytime. A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves an excuse to socialize at work. Put out a bowl of these and watch everyone flock to their desk for a snack and some office gossip.

Coffee is an ancient gift that still brings smiles to this day. By giving a coffee themed gift to the coffee lovers you work with you’ll be keeping them going in a thoughtful tradition that will certainly not be going out of style any time soon.