What We’re Thankful For

We’re constantly thinking about expressing gratitude over at Thnks, and November is a special month for all of us to really reflect on who and what we are most thankful for in our personal and professional lives. We have so much to look forward to this Thanksgiving, and wanted to take a moment to show what we are grateful for and what makes our work possible.

"I am thankful for good health! Exercise is one of the best medicines in life, and I am thankful that I can move my body freely and use exercise as a positive form of release and happiness. I am also thankful for the opportunity to educate myself on how to properly fuel my body with the nutrition that it needs and treat it with care!"- Amanda Shah, Production Operations Coordinator at Thnks

Thanksgiving is a great time to not only catch up with loved ones who you sit around the table with every year, but also to appreciate the new people in your life. Nothing makes us happier at Thnks than welcoming new employees and clients to the team. Thnks has doubled in size since 2020, which means there’s been a lot of new faces around the office. We are so grateful that we get to come to work every day and help people show their appreciation for one another. 

"I'm thankful for joining Thnks this year. It's been great working at a company that is extremely collaborative, fun and inspiring. After working remotely for almost two years, it feels good to get back into a routine and join an in-person office environment with co-workers who challenge you while also supporting you to do your best."- Hannah Stone, Content Marketing Manager at Thnks

We’re also taking the time this year to show some love to our home city, Nashville. As a growing tech hub that also shares our values of generosity and relationship-building, Nashville has truly become our home. We couldn’t think of a more fitting place to establish our roots with our growing team than a growing and thriving city like Nashville. 

"I'm so thankful for my family. They have been incredibly supportive of me moving to Nashville even though it brought me further away from home. My mom traveled with me to tour apartments and my dad drove the U-Haul with all of my furniture when I finally moved in. My little sisters are always just a call or text away to make me laugh or listen to me talk (plus they're always sending me TikToks to keep me entertained). Even though it hasn't been easy living far away from them for the last few years, I know they're always there for me whenever I need them and I treasure all of the time we get to spend together!"- Brenna McGuire, Product Marketing Manager at Thnks

Thnks has helped business professionals recognize and appreciate those who need it most. Each gesture is catered towards each individual. Thnks provides endless categories for work-life balance activities such as a Top Golf Round with friends, dinner and movie night with family, or a Welnys TV subscription for at-home workouts. Thnks recognizes that mental health is important and spending time outside of the office to focus on yourself and others is beneficial.

"I'm thankful for everyone putting effort toward removing the stigma around mental health. And the fact that embracing vulnerabilities are being shown as a sign of strength instead of weakness. Over the last year or two I've become a lot more in tune with that side of my "health" and it's been the best thing I've done for myself in a long time."-Jason Boone Account Executive at Thnks

Last but not least, we’re thankful that more and more people are getting recognized and appreciated with the help of our services! Thnks just reached a major milestone of 1 million Thnks sent. It gives us joy when we think about the smiles we have delivered to so many others through gestures of appreciation.  Thank you for believing in our company and for paying it forward. We believe that gratitude in business is a movement that will create happier workplaces and healthier professional and personal growth - we look forward to a future of more Thnks.