Ways to Build Better Relationships as Summer Ends

As we start to see back to school campaigns and the sun setting a bit earlier each night, we notice summer slowly starting to wind down. You’ve likely swapped stories about this year’s vacations with colleagues and started thinking about plans for Labor Day Weekend and beyond. But even as the summer season comes to a close, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for the loyalty your clients have shown. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use Thnks to build better relationships as the end of summer approaches.

back to school dinnerBack to School Dinner for the Family - The back to school season can be hectic, with making sure you have all the supplies you need and lunches figured out for the week. Take some stress off your client by sending them a Back to School Dinner for the Family from Grubhub so they can spend less time cooking and more time talking about what they’re looking forward to.



Beach Day Bundle - Plenty of us are trying to squeeze  one last vacation in these summer months before we start thinking about the fall holidays. Take note of when a client mentions taking some time off and send them a Beach Day Bundle packed with sunscreen and towels to show you care about their out of office lives too.



Beat the Heat Treat - This summer’s temperatures have been absolutely brutal, and we’re all looking for ways to cool down. A Beat the Heat Treat from Baskin Robbins is the perfect way to show your client you appreciate them. This can also be a meaningful gesture for the client with little ones so they can spend some sweet time together as school starts.



SereniTea - For clients who work in the educational field, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for the important work they do. A cup of “SereniTea” is a great way to say a quick thank you and help them find a moment of zen in the chaos of the back to school season.



Back to School Shopping Spree - If you know a client whose family member works in education, a gesture of gratitude can show that you’re a great listener and keep track of more than just the business news. With many teachers having to pay for supplies out of pocket, you can lighten their load by sending them a Back to School Shopping Spree from Walmart, Target, or Amazon. 


These are just a few of the easy ways to let your clients know you appreciate them in these last few weeks of summer. For more ideas, check out the curated categories we have available in the Thnks app — such as ‘Summer Sends’, ‘Back to School’, and more!


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